No Justice for Masha: Part 937

Masha Allen continues to pawned through the US justice system.

James Marsh reported today on his ChildLaw Blog that Masha Allen’s federal lawsuit has been dismissed due to, of all things, “failure to properly plead a basis for federal jurisdiction.”

I don’t know the details but according to Marsh:

Despite the trenchant involvement of a reconstructed legal team consisting of much-sought after
guardian ad litem Cambria County bankruptcy attorney Timothy J. Sloan (who replaced Masha’s former mother Faith Allen as lead plaintiff), Georgia attorneys David S. Bills (who blogs anonymously about Masha’s case at, William Q. Bird and Darren Summerville (who were originally hired by Faith Allen who reportedly now lives in Georgia), and Pennsylvania First Amendment attorney Thomas Vecchio (who replaced renowned Philadelphia attorney Robert N. Hunn who withdrew under protest last year), Masha “did not oppose (and consents to) dismissal [of the lawsuit] without prejudice on ground of lack of subject matter jurisdiction.” .

27 lawyers have been involved in this case, and still Masha can’t get one splinter of justice. (Where are all those politicians who vowed to help her?) She turns 18 in August and will be out from under the thumb of the state then, with unfortunately, for what it’s worth, no one to handle her legal affairs. We don’t know what to expect. According to Marsh, Masha has vowed to keep her case going, but we have no idea where it may go. Or where she may go.

If Masha Allen, the victim of one of the worse child trafficking cases in US history, can’t get justice, how can we expect justice for anyone “touched by adoption”?

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14 Replies to “No Justice for Masha: Part 937”

  1. It doesn’t happen, too much invested in it not happening and reforms being denied.It’s a scary place to be when justice works this way.

  2. This case exhibits the moral bankruptcy of the child welfare community, the international adoption establishment and the legal system. If this child cannot get justice, no one can. What was done to her was criminal negligence. In fact, not only should this court have advanced her case, the US Attorney General should have been investigating it years ago. There are likely many more “Mashas” out there. Meanwhile the hand wringing will successfully continue. Unfortunately, not about how to protect kids but rather how to ensure that this startling and inexplicable lack of accountability continues.

    Maureen Flatley

  3. No politician or judge has the guts to say it:

    WE (bastards) don’t have rights in the United States of America. After sale, we are simply a used up commodity to them. If we are abused, molested, tortured, murdered because we were sold to evil people, that doesn’t even register as a blip on their radars.

  4. If they can’t figure out how to sue on behalf of a child adopted by a pedophile . . . who are these lawyers anyway? It sure was nice of them to be in front of Congress and on Oprah and everywhere else. Too bad when she needs a real lawyer these fools can’t figure out which end is up. I’m sure they’ll all get paid and Masha will get nothing. Didn’t I read somewhere that Faith hired these people? I bet she’s getting a cut too.

  5. I agree. But didn’t I read somewhere that Masha’s mother made all that stuff up about the child porn so she could get on television? I heard somewhere that she was prosecuted for this and that Masha wasn’t involved in child pornography at all.

  6. No. Masha’s molestation and exploitation at the hands of Mancuso is very real. Mancuso is currently in prison. Faith Allen, however is a grifter, and imo, a sociopath if not worse.

  7. BLC, you are so right about justice delayed. I also can help but think about the quote “The greatness of a nation is found in the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable and weakest citizens.” My heart aches for Masha and others like her and my anger at the system is growing by leaps and bounds.

  8. I’m shocked that you’d criticize a good Christian woman like Faith Allen. She won an award from the United States Congress for helping that child. None other than Judge Cheryl Allen was her mentor and friend. Senator John Kerry who was almost our president praised Faith for taking such good care of Masha!!! How can these peopel be wrong (including Oprah and Nancy Grayce).

    And Faith never asked for nothing in return. But that child like the devil brought damnation upon her. Truly truly I say unto you, do not forsake His loyal servant Faith Allen!! For those who shall judge let them be judged.

  9. Do you think Masha appreciates you posting her photo over and over?

    Or do you think that shows your total lack of compassion?

    I will go with the latter.

  10. At least Masha has her clothes on in these pictures. This false compassion is just tactic victimizers use to silence victims. Out of sight out of mind EXCEPT for the tens of thousands of pedophiles who actively trade Masha’s child sex abuse images every day. There are a lot of people who want this case and coverage of this case to go away. Perhaps you are in that category (abuser). And if Masha wants her pictures taken down, I’m sure the Bastardette will oblige. Masha turns 18 in less than 60 days. Then she can finally speak for herself.

  11. I am stunned. I thought that when Stephanie Bennett was denied justice and the return of her infant, it was the worst thing I had ever heard. Now I know I was wrong. It seems that ANY crime ceases to be criminal if adoption is part of the equation. I had thought so for a long time… now there is no doubt….

  12. I so agree, Sandy. Adoption isn’t just an has become some kind of skewed religion. Adopters and facilitators are the heads of that religion and whatever they do is sanctioned. It is enough to make me want to cry. The only way any of us will ever get any kind of justice is to keep at it. We have to keep writing, talking and pushing the envelope. There has been every kind of violation, physical, emotional and physical, perpetrated against those who were adopted AND the mothers who lost them. It’s past time for it to stop. And there is not a damn thing wrong with being angry about it.

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