Petards Anyone? CHIFF Mouthpieces Hoist Themselves on Twitter

It all started on March 21 when Ms. Osborne took it upon herself to rant up an adoption academic tweeting under #STOPChiff, accusing her of criticizing the bill in order to sell her forthcoming book. (Ms. Osborne has obviously never published a scholarly book.) As usual, anyone opposing any crack-brained adoption or child welfare deform such as legalized baby dumping or global child snatching has some pecuniary interest to protect. Unlike the open-armed and -hearted multi-billion dollar/$60,000 a kid US adoption industry that pimps CHIFF in the “best interests of the child” .and would no doubt do adoptions for free if they could. Continue Reading →

Richard Land Sent to the Woodshed: Bastards have the wrong dad

Richard Land has itched my trigger for a long time, and now he’s itched everybody else’s trigger in AdoptionLand

Land. the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and former head of the Southern Baptist Conferences’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee, published a preposterous pierce of adoptionist propaganda the other day in in the Christian Post, entitled Adoption: The Best Answer. Written in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, of course. Continue Reading →