The Incredible Arrogance of Katy Jay: Ethics = hate speech

stumbleYou’d think CHIFF’s chief propagandist  Katy Jay,  would avoid petards for a few days. Not so!  Tonight Ms. Jay dutifully climbed down from her petard (only to be re-hoist herself a few minutes later)  to accuse Daniel Ibn Zayd,  of hate speech!

No, Daniel Ibn Zayd in particular does hate speech. Not adoptees in general, obviously. Have you read his blogs?

Have we Daniel’s blogs?  Yes.  Nearly every one of them, (here and here)  and we’ve not seen any “hate” spewed out.  Either  Ms. Jay  hasn’t read them or she equates (more likely) articulate and politically  informed  writing on the ethics of adoption and an analysis of US adoption corporatism and global approach to child snatching with hate speech. Big words  and ideas like neo-colonialism, intersectionality,   displacement,  and rematriation scare her. We’d love to see some examples of how Daniel’s blog has caused  Ms  harm. Has she been beaten up in the girls room by a horde of “birthmothers.”  Was her car bombed by mischievous bastards? Is the truth is harmful to one’s health?

You’re the lawyer. Ms. Jay.  Prove it.


I’m heading out for Tallahassee tomorrow morning to attend the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture conference at Florida State.  I”m not sure when I’ll be back since I hope  to spend a couple extra days down there visiting family. I’ll be checking in and probably post something about the conference, if only pictures.  Of course, ‘ll be following CHIFF events, too.

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  1. I believe Katie Jay is conflating Daniel Ibn Zayd’s position on the Israel/Palestine conflict with his position on adoption. She posted that being against Israel is being an antisemite. Many Jews, like me, disagree with her about that. But apparently Katie feels that if someone disagrees with her on one issue, that person is an enemy of hers on ANY issue. Which is interesting, given the anti-GLBT adoption position of many of CHIFF’s supporters, since she claims to be pro-GLBT adoption. But she definitely called people who are against CHIFF “idiots.” I guess she considers that “love speech.”

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