Richard Land Sent to the Woodshed: Bastards have the wrong dad

Richard Land has itched my trigger for a long time, and now he’s itched everybody else’s trigger in AdoptionLand

Land. the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and former head of the Southern Baptist Conferences’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee, published a preposterous pierce of adoptionist propaganda the other day in in the Christian Post, entitled Adoption: The Best Answer. Written in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, of course. Continue Reading →

God’s Heart Adoption: An Adoption Theology Cheat Sheet

I’m working on a paid typing job for the next couple days and have limited time to devote to writing tonight. But NaBloPoMo calls. So here, for your delight is God’s Heart: Adoption, a video flogging orphan adoption (Tomorrow is World Orphans Day 2010, an evangelical marketing tool placed right in the middle of NAAM to move “orphan” product. I’ve decided not to write about Orphans Day, but I’m sure someone will). Orphans or thereabouts, of course, are only secondary to the real message of God’s Heart: the Great Commissioning of “Christians” via adoption. You can not only save a child for Christ, but the kid(s) seals that promise that you’ll make it to the Face of God. A friend of mine says of his devout Catholic adoptive parents: Adoption was their stairway to heaven. I have a video (not online, but a personal possession) of Kansas Senator (and Governor-elect) Sam Brownback, sobbing that adopting children is the way to heaven. He picked up two from China, so he and the Mrs. are on their way, gold seals in hand. If you’re one of those ungrateful adoptees whining about having no history or context or roots or birth certificates, shame Continue Reading →