What’s Up with Pennsylvania? No Safe Haven Baby Boxes

For some time I’ve wondered why Pennsylvania hasn’t acquired any Safe Haven Baby Boxes–nicely re-branded now as benevolent-sounding “newborn safety devices/incubators.” The state legislature passed a law authorizing their use in 2017. To hear it from baby box friendlys kanoodling across the interwebs, lawmakers and just plain folks everywhere are chomping to get boxes installed in every firehouse wall they can find, yet the welcoming State of Pennsylvania sits empty with 0 boxes.

Well, now I know. why. Continue Reading →

Adoption Searches as humanitarian intervention: an adoption industry cash cow

Catholic Charities charges $500 for a search because they use an online service that costs $175 a month and some searches can take thousands of staff hours, said Matt Kerr, spokesman for the Diocese of Allentown, Catholic Charities’ parent organization.

Thousands of staff hours on a search?. Is the CC internet powered by tin cans and a string?

This is well….crazy,and dare I suggest a lie. Continue Reading →