Just a quick note! Since mid-June Baby Love Child has been doing a tremendous amount work on adoption news horrors. She has published a veritable bibliography of online resources on Enna Baretto, Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrington, Judith Leekin, and the latest Guatemala adoption scandal. She is the only bastard blogger to my knowledge to pick up on Andrea Curry-Demus, the woman in the Pittsburgh area accused over the weekend of murdering a pregnant woman for her soon-due-baby. And then BLC analyzes–something much needed in the adoption blogosphere where cut and paste often passes for blogging. She puts the pieces together. BLC‘s blog is a tremendous resource for activists, researchers, the press, and us just plain bastard folks who are trying to get a handle on the never-end spew of adopta–nightmares rolling out daily. Just go over there and scroll around.I also highly recommend BLC’s July 10 entry ARD: For Those Going to N’awlins: In part she writes:The city is at this very moment a place where matters of survival are still paramount to so many. A protracted battle where the future of the city is being decided in many cases, not by the neighborhoods, but by those who can tear them Continue Reading →


Here’s a couple must-read blogs: New blogger (but not new to adoption reform) Mary Fuller has launched The Rights of Adoptees blog. She’s got some kick-ass entries on Illinois which are relevant to every state that treats bastards as social and legal pariahs. Mary and I go back a long way. I first ran into her on the old FIDONET adoption BBS in..what…1992? Also check out Baby Love Child’s latest entry on the Sueppel murders in Iowa. Good commentary and a great compendium of links to the case. What’s Holt afraid of? HAPPY READING!


You Make the World a Better Place is making the rounds of the adoptasphere. It was sent my way by This Woman’s Work proprietor Dawn Friedman. Thanks, Dawn, for your kind words. And now, I’m passing this on to… Baby Love Child–long time friend and supporter of Bastardette, Bastard Nation, and Bastards. BLC is my Theory Girl. I’m just the technician! Ron Morgan–BB Church’s Funhouse–another longtime friend and supporter. The most righteous Bastard in the whole world! Cynical, street smart, and cool, BB is right out of a James Ellroy novel. He speaks POMO like he’s Judith Butler! He’s also co-organizing A Day For Adoptee Rights. Anita Field–Bastard Granny Annie. What can I say! From her bed of affliction she’s kickin’ ass in Illinois. Anita is one of the most dedicated bastards I know. We pre-date BN. If Anita can’t do it, nobody can! Recoop soon! Craig Hickman, author of Fumbling Toward Divinity: The Adoption Scriptures, one of the best adoption books ever! Craig is the uber Bastard writer tying together those inconvenient truths of blackness, bastardy, and queerness through the written word and performance. An absolute powerhouse! Claud Corrigan D’Arcy–Musings of the Lame–is amazing. punkette, mom, writer, and researcher. Continue Reading →


I’m working on a couple of blogs, but in the meantime, I’m sending out 3 short catch-ups to light up your life, give you hope to carry on and fill your nights with…well, whatever. OLD FRIEND–NEW BLOGPlease check out Baby Love Child, a brand new blog that went up today: Starting in the Middle. The author, Lauren Sabina Kneisly, is a very old and dear friend of mine. She appeared here as a guest blogger last year with “Stem-Cell Veto, Snowflake Kids, and Christian Eugenics” (July 29, 2006). She’ll be kicking it up writing cutting edge analysis of AdoptionLand. Here’s a sample:Yes, the personal IS political, (but not universal!) but did that really mean I had to end up neck deep in working on adoption? I mean, the language is completely broken, the power disparities are massive and overwhelming. International child marketing and redistribution is almost too much to wrap one’s brain around. Add in reproductive technologies both emergent and old, and it’s enough to give a Bastard a migraine! (And I haven’t even gotten to why I use the word Bastard yet!) …. SPEAKING OF LOVE CHILD!Here’s an interesting piece, A Double History of the Supreme’s “Love Child” from Continue Reading →