Just a quick note! Since mid-June Baby Love Child has been doing a tremendous amount work on adoption news horrors. She has published a veritable bibliography of online resources on Enna Baretto, Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrington, Judith Leekin, and the latest Guatemala adoption scandal. She is the only bastard blogger to my knowledge to pick up on Andrea Curry-Demus, the woman in the Pittsburgh area accused over the weekend of murdering a pregnant woman for her soon-due-baby. And then BLC analyzes–something much needed in the adoption blogosphere where cut and paste often passes for blogging. She puts the pieces together. BLC‘s blog is a tremendous resource for activists, researchers, the press, and us just plain bastard folks who are trying to get a handle on the never-end spew of adopta–nightmares rolling out daily. Just go over there and scroll around.I also highly recommend BLC’s July 10 entry ARD: For Those Going to N’awlins: In part she writes:The city is at this very moment a place where matters of survival are still paramount to so many. A protracted battle where the future of the city is being decided in many cases, not by the neighborhoods, but by those who can tear them Continue Reading →