Just a quick note! Since mid-June Baby Love Child has been doing a tremendous amount work on adoption news horrors. She has published a veritable bibliography of online resources on Enna Baretto, Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrington, Judith Leekin, and the latest Guatemala adoption scandal. She is the only bastard blogger to my knowledge to pick up on Andrea Curry-Demus, the woman in the Pittsburgh area accused over the weekend of murdering a pregnant woman for her soon-due-baby. And then BLC analyzes–something much needed in the adoption blogosphere where cut and paste often passes for blogging. She puts the pieces together. BLC‘s blog is a tremendous resource for activists, researchers, the press, and us just plain bastard folks who are trying to get a handle on the never-end spew of adopta–nightmares rolling out daily. Just go over there and scroll around.I also highly recommend BLC’s July 10 entry ARD: For Those Going to N’awlins: In part she writes:The city is at this very moment a place where matters of survival are still paramount to so many. A protracted battle where the future of the city is being decided in many cases, not by the neighborhoods, but by those who can tear them Continue Reading →


A DAY FOR ADOPTEE RIGHTS is major adoptee rights/Bastard Nation event. Join us in New Orleans as we make history ushering in a new era of adoptee rights victories. Help us restore the right of all US and Canadian adoptees to their identity and birth records We still have plenty of hotel rooms in New Orleans for the July 20-22 Day for Adoptee Rights Protest and Teach-in during the National Conference of State Legislatures annual meeting. ACCOMMODATIONS Make your hotel reservations now. Reservation information for the Country Inn Suites by Carlson is here and on our left sidebar. When you make your reservations be sure to contact Marla Paul at [email protected] Marla is BN’s liason with the hotel and is keeping track of reservations. We need to close our block of rooms in 2 weeks, so make your reservation now! GOT YOUR DAY FOR ADOPTEE RIGHTS BADGE YET?Go here for your blogger/webpage badge and other promotional materials. WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS!Security, clean-up and more!Contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to help AND WE DEFINITELY NEED MONEY! We’ve got the park. We’ve got the conference space. We’ve got the hotel.Costs are mounting. Things like porta-potties, police, permits, program advertising, conference Continue Reading →