I’m working on a couple of blogs, but in the meantime, I’m sending out 3 short catch-ups to light up your life, give you hope to carry on and fill your nights with…well, whatever. OLD FRIEND–NEW BLOGPlease check out Baby Love Child, a brand new blog that went up today: Starting in the Middle. The author, Lauren Sabina Kneisly, is a very old and dear friend of mine. She appeared here as a guest blogger last year with “Stem-Cell Veto, Snowflake Kids, and Christian Eugenics” (July 29, 2006). She’ll be kicking it up writing cutting edge analysis of AdoptionLand. Here’s a sample:Yes, the personal IS political, (but not universal!) but did that really mean I had to end up neck deep in working on adoption? I mean, the language is completely broken, the power disparities are massive and overwhelming. International child marketing and redistribution is almost too much to wrap one’s brain around. Add in reproductive technologies both emergent and old, and it’s enough to give a Bastard a migraine! (And I haven’t even gotten to why I use the word Bastard yet!) …. SPEAKING OF LOVE CHILD!Here’s an interesting piece, A Double History of the Supreme’s “Love Child” from Continue Reading →