Here’s a couple must-read blogs:

New blogger (but not new to adoption reform) Mary Fuller has launched The Rights of Adoptees blog. She’s got some kick-ass entries on Illinois which are relevant to every state that treats bastards as social and legal pariahs. Mary and I go back a long way. I first ran into her on the old FIDONET adoption BBS in..what…1992?

Also check out Baby Love Child’s latest entry on the Sueppel murders in Iowa. Good commentary and a great compendium of links to the case. What’s Holt afraid of?



  1. MG:

    Mr. Suepple isn’t the only person to have resorted to embezzlement to support an adoption habit.

    Kerry Palakanis, who ran an adoption agency called Project Oz Adoptions in Maryland & North Carolina, did the same thing.

    Kerry was a nurse practitioner who helped run a medical office. During the time of her independent adoption from Ukraine with Cathy Harris, Kerry wrote herself checks from the business accounts.

    This was in 1997/1998. Some of those checks were for “adoption expenses” and crap like the phone bill & magazine subscriptions.

    Kerry was taken to the police station, but was never formally arrested. It’s believed she paid the money back.

    And then went on to form her own adoption agency – which is now in trouble.

    Point being, if one PAP has done this, how many others have? THAT’S how “cheap” I.A. is. You have to literally BEG BORROW & STEAL to buy the kids!

    Elizabeth Case

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I’ve heard of Project Oz, but not this story. Didn’t Cathy Harris arrange the first Hilt adoption? Gee, I thought international adoption was as luv!And nobody ever makes any money off of it.

  3. MG:

    Your background knowledge serves you well.

    Yes – Cathy Harris was the one who brokered the Hilts first adoption. As a matter of fact, I found the Hilts website from Cathy Harris website:

    Cathy Harris also brokered the Julie Williams adoption – remember that sad, sick, diseneartening one?


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