You Make the World a Better Place is making the rounds of the adoptasphere. It was sent my way by This Woman’s Work proprietor Dawn Friedman. Thanks, Dawn, for your kind words. And now, I’m passing this on to… Baby Love Child–long time friend and supporter of Bastardette, Bastard Nation, and Bastards. BLC is my Theory Girl. I’m just the technician! Ron Morgan–BB Church’s Funhouse–another longtime friend and supporter. The most righteous Bastard in the whole world! Cynical, street smart, and cool, BB is right out of a James Ellroy novel. He speaks POMO like he’s Judith Butler! He’s also co-organizing A Day For Adoptee Rights. Anita Field–Bastard Granny Annie. What can I say! From her bed of affliction she’s kickin’ ass in Illinois. Anita is one of the most dedicated bastards I know. We pre-date BN. If Anita can’t do it, nobody can! Recoop soon! Craig Hickman, author of Fumbling Toward Divinity: The Adoption Scriptures, one of the best adoption books ever! Craig is the uber Bastard writer tying together those inconvenient truths of blackness, bastardy, and queerness through the written word and performance. An absolute powerhouse! Claud Corrigan D’Arcy–Musings of the Lame–is amazing. punkette, mom, writer, and researcher. Continue Reading →