You Make the World a Better Place is making the rounds of the adoptasphere. It was sent my way by This Woman’s Work proprietor Dawn Friedman. Thanks, Dawn, for your kind words.

And now, I’m passing this on to…

Baby Love Child–long time friend and supporter of Bastardette, Bastard Nation, and Bastards. BLC is my Theory Girl. I’m just the technician!

Ron Morgan–BB Church’s Funhouse–another longtime friend and supporter. The most righteous Bastard in the whole world! Cynical, street smart, and cool, BB is right out of a James Ellroy novel. He speaks POMO like he’s Judith Butler! He’s also co-organizing A Day For Adoptee Rights.

Anita Field–Bastard Granny Annie. What can I say! From her bed of affliction she’s kickin’ ass in Illinois. Anita is one of the most dedicated bastards I know. We pre-date BN. If Anita can’t do it, nobody can! Recoop soon!

Craig Hickman, author of Fumbling Toward Divinity: The Adoption Scriptures, one of the best adoption books ever! Craig is the uber Bastard writer tying together those inconvenient truths of blackness, bastardy, and queerness through the written word and performance. An absolute powerhouse!

Claud Corrigan D’Arcy–Musings of the Lame–is amazing. punkette, mom, writer, and researcher. Her essay, “The National Council for Adoption: Mothers, Money, Marketing and Madness” (linked on Bastardette’s sidebar) is a great piece of investigative reporting. I wish she were my mom! Oops! She’s young enough to be my kid. Still…

Erik L. Smith. As “obsessed” about baby dumping as I. A great legal mind,Erik is the only person (so far as I know) who has the cajones to file a suit against safe haven laws (Ohio). He’s got all the answers, but TPTB don’t care. If it saves just one…

James Marsh, ChildLaw Blog. Jamie throws himself under the bus every time he posts about child exploitation, pedo adopiton rings, Masha Allen, and abused and dead adoptees. He’s one of the bravest people I’ve ever known.

Kali Coultas–A Day for Adoptee Rights. The new breed of bastard activist, Kali is the co-conspirator…er, I mean organizer… of A Day for Adoptee Rights.

You all make AdoptionLand and the world a better place!



  1. Dagoneit! Now you’ve done it- you’ve gone and made me blush!

    Thanks Bastardette!

    You know I’m deeply honoured, but you’re a hell of a lot more than a ‘technician’, and you know it.

    Words like (little orphan) ‘asskicker’ come to mind.

  2. Thanks! I’m so blushing and speechless i’ve had my window open for like half an hour just trying to think of what to write.


    Thanks, i really am speechless.

  3. It’s too bad that you didn’t have more space, Marley. There are so many who have worked for year after year after year who sometimes get lost in the kudos shuffle. So many who have given years of their lives to promote a greater understanding of the inequalities that adoptees face on a daily basis. I applaud all of you who have worked in the background & done the mundane daily work that makes such a difference to our cause. You make this world a better place for all adoptees. Thank you all.
    Janet Allen

  4. Since this was a blogosphere thing I only picked bloggers. I think it would be nice to list everybody, old and new, who has been a part of the movement. Hmm…this gives me an idea for a small side project. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll do it and post it here.

  5. You two!

    Now I’m *really* Blushing! Stop that!

    Again, stunned and grateful.

    All I can do it try to live up that ‘rep’ I seem to be getting- earned or otherwise.

    Note to self- continually strive for higher quality and attempt to be more prolific.

  6. Oh wow…just saw this. Gulp.
    I’ll echo the speachless!!

    One minor correction: I think we could be more like sisters Marley..neither one of us are old enough to pull off birthing the other.

    Or if we did, for sure they would have swooped down on us and sepaerated us at birth…oh right, that happened!! Just not with each other! And that would be me bablling like a dern fool …I should probably just remain speachless!

  7. OK, sisters it is!

    People like you are really instrumental in the change that is taking place. Adoption “reform” has been populated by a lot of older folks and there’s been an historical disconnect Sure some of the old folks and some of the new folks are obnoxious (why not!), but we also need to create institutional memory and work together. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to make it louder and crankier!

  8. See, you NEW I was a co-organizer. You know that I was involved since the beginning. There is no need to hide from the truth. Calling me a “new organizer” on alt.adoption was just low. As if I wasn’t doing the work for the protest the whole time. That doesn’t mean Im taking credit for the whole movement, it means I busted my ass for the protest, and I did.

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