“Making Interstate Adoption Easier.” Jeff Katz takes down CHIFF w/Bastardette commentary

CHIFF and its propagandists have refused to come up with an explanation (even a bad one) that would explain how international adoption, which they constantly claim to be humanitarian missions to rescue warehoused kids, cleans up the fostercare-adoption mess stateside that warehouses kids. In fact,CHIFFsters scrupulously avoid the issue outside of a vague, “every child deserves a family;” thus, unabashedly tossing American foster children into the dumpster while simultaneously scheming to scoop up allegedly unattached Third World “orphans” to drop behind our white picket fence. Continue Reading →

CHIFF: Puts aside US international adoption obligations–Stanford Law Review

Online published The Children in Families First Act: Overlooking International Law and the Best Interests of the Child. The author Nila Bala currently a Yale Public Interest Fellow. deconstructs CHIFF in accessible language, articulating the tension between the US adoption industry, evangelicals, and other special interest proponents and best interest of the child doctrine and international law. CHIFF comes up sadly short on both. Continue Reading →

Azerbaijan Shuts Down Cross Country Adoption; CHIFF weeps

Jay complains that since 2007 when Azerbaijan signed on to The Hague. that the flow of Azeri children into the US has dropped, accusing the State Department of having “no idea how to use the Convention for its intended purpose, which is to get orphans into adoptive families.”


According to the The English language AzeriNews, the State Department and Azerbaijan, are using the Hague exactly as it is supposed to be used by keeping children in their own family, culture and country whenever possible. Azeri children are only available for cross country adoption if an Azeri adoptive family cannot be found to adopt them. Continue Reading →

FEATURE: Banned by CHIFF? Report it here. CHIFF cannot silence the truth!

If CHIFF has attempted to render you invisible though, banning, blocking, and removing you opinion on the Children in Families First Facebook page, on Twitter @ CHIFFforKids or on other public forums operated by CHIFF backers, please post your name. the name of the page or forum that has banned you, and any comments you’d like to share here. Your information will be posted here, unless you specifically ask that your name not be made public. It will remain on file though. Continue Reading →

CHIFF propagandist claims international adoption is a “choice” for Third World mothers; consumerizes women and children. Those who oppose are racist.

There is nothing more entertainingly absurd than watching privileged white women (and men) claiming to speak for Women of Color both here and abroad.But, after all, you’re already claiming to speak for bastards and birthers–that is, adoptees and their first parents.

And then to move “socialism” on to the discourse! Oh dear!

US adoption practice is an amalgamation of the worst aspects of capitalism and socialism, I can think of nothing more “socialistic” and “capitalistic” than marauding one’s way into a have-not country, extracting that country’s children” and then redistributing them to elite worthies in have countries in exchange for a lot of money and profit. No doubt Trotsky and JP Morgan are clapping their hands in hell watching this play out. Continue Reading →

Stop CHIFF: A short introductory essay on the plan to drop-box the world’s children into American exburbia

The bill is backed by the adoption industry, the evangelical orphan movement, and other “stakeholders” pushing to increase US adoption agency presence around the world, especially in Third World countries. IOW, getting the state to fund and pimp private industry to other countries’ poor. CHIFF promotes kinship dissolution, closing group homes and orphanages (such as operated by UNICEF and Childrens Village), and false humanitarianism to make international adoption “easier” for America’s desperate and childless. CHIFF shills reject all attempts of input by adoptees, first parents, and others actually impacted by CHIFF. The so-called angry, maladjusted and ungrateful. One pusher refers to anti-CHIFFERS as “socialists” though I can’t think of anything more socialist than white elites Continue Reading →

The Miracle of Adoption: Madonna and David Banda do the Ralph Lauren angle

According to the Material Girl, via the Mail, David has become quite the styler (‘the Ralph Loren angle” according to Madonna) , picking out their matching suits himself. Madge had no option but to obey–except for the shoes and walking stick. Continue Reading →

Adoption Funding Hits New Low: Couple says God told them to beg $32,000 from Seattle Seahawks fans to pay for international adoption

Adoption and football are hallmarks of the country’s current state of decay. Sometimes the two sports merge as with Both Ends Burning, and Webster. Mostly, though fans manage to put a sock in it and try not to bore us to much with their lifestyle choices. They don’t expect us to purchase season tickets for their favorite team nor do they expect us to fund their adoptions.

No so with Seattle Seahawks obsessives Chris and Alexis Lundberg. (They were actually married on the 50 yard line of the Seahawk’s stadium)

After Chris took a mission trip to “Africa” a few years ago (is Africa one big country now?) the couple who has two biological sons, was “called ” to adopt an ” African orphan”, but sadly are unable to spring the $32,000 price tag that Chris has unilaterally set as the cost.. Continue Reading →

Dead Russian Adoptees: The White Book, a Russian resource

White Paper (Book):Victims of Foreign Adoption is a Russian web source on the abuse and deaths of Russian adoptees in the United States and elsewhere. It includes an English language translation The English, though, seems to be done by bot and it’s not totally reliable, (ex. White Book translates as White Paper) but gives a good idea of what is in the original. Continue Reading →

Yana and Toli Kolenda: Two Murdered Russian Adoptees You Never Hear About

There are indeed 20 Russian adoptees that we know of who have been murdered by abuse or neglect. in the US, but the “official” count is 17 (though that can be disputed due to a couple of acquittals, even if the evidence showed otherwise) because the deaths of the other three do not follow the pattern of Russian adoptee murders. Their deaths had nothing to do with their adoptive status, nor were they abused, neglected, or isolated from the community.
On October 20, 2002, Yana and Toli Kolenda, more than five years after their adoption, and their adoptive mother Gienia, were murdered by their depressed out-of-work adoptive father Richard Kolenda who then committed. suicide. In 2010 Kirill Kazankov, (adopted name Jackson Atusso,) 8 was brutally murdered by a teenage stranger during a family outing. Neither the Russian government nor media has cited these cases in their condemnation of the American adoption system.

I am writing about the Kolendas tonight and Kirill Kazankov in a day or so. They are not footnotes and deserve their own separate entries.. I will also add them to In Memoriam. Continue Reading →