NAM/NAAM Day 26: Black Friday Adoption $$$ Grubbing

It’s probably a coincidence that National Adoption (Awareness) Month and Thanksgiving both fall in November. It is also fortuitous since it gives the adoption industry and its ancillaries the opportunity, like every other business, to cash in on Black Friday, that strangely named day-after-Thanksgiving Big Sale Day that has overtaken George Day (Washington’s birthday)  in popularity and spending and prole consumer riots on the floors of Walmart and Best Buy. Is there anything more American? Not according to the US baby acquisition folks. Continue Reading →

NAD/NAAD Day 25: Students for Life Continues to Co-opt, Appropriate Celebrity Adoptees

The point is that SFL took Cheoweth’s words, produced a meme of sorts, with them and her picture, and posted it around the internet. The world. It actually stamped a SFL © in the upper right-hand corner…It also implies that Chenoweth agrees the Christian Nationalist ideology of SFL president, Kristan Hawkins. The organization, in effect, linked Chenoweth with SFL’s organization and agenda… Continue Reading →