Just got the National Adoption Awareness Month newsletter which includes: Your Unplanned Pregnancy: You Have Options. We wonder what those options might be since the article is written under the aegis of National Adoption Awareness Month, is sponsored by Bethany Christian Services, doesn’t mention abortion or keeping, and is followed by a group listing of squeaky smiling multi-cultural paps on the prowl. Thanks to all for the bronchitis tips! I’m feeling much better, and am making a public vow to post a blog each day, no matter how stupid, for our celebratory month.


National Adoption Awareness Month will soon be upon us. We can hardly wait for mainstream media to gag their cotton candy down our throats. Our not-favorite adoption site,, has jump-started the party with a big spread. We are particularly intrigued by The National Adoption Month Activities Calendar and its nifty suggestions on how to celebrate this fun-filled month with our families. Did you know, for instance, that National Adoption Month is a swell time to cook a meal for your family? (November 1). I didn’t. That on November 16 you should prepare a meal that reflects your child’s heritage? My friend Rocco suggested a possum and squirrel casserole–stringy but elegant. I was thinking more along the lines of ramen noodles and hot dogs. Whatever menu is chosen, though, it must be prepared on a hotplate to remind your little adoptees what they escaped via God and your bank account. Or how about renting an adoption themed movie? (November 20) I like that. I suggest Natural Enemy or Orphan. Our classic movie fans may enjoy The Bad Seed or Penny Serenade Thanksgiving is for sending thank you notes to those who made your celebration possible: You know, like your adoption Continue Reading →


The response to Forever Family–Forever Dead has been overwhelming. All of it has been positive. Well, almost. You might ask who would complain about a blog dedicated to the memory of Russian children murdered by their adoptive parents? Right? Well, I’ll tell you who., that’s who. Deemed “anti-adoption,” Bastardette has been booted off forums, her account cancelled, and at least one of her essays housed in its Internet library removed. And for what? For writing The Daily Bastardette! Specifically: Publishing Forever Family–Forever Dead. Yes, you read that correctly! Those oh-so adoption friendly and supportive folks at have declared Bastardette “disrespectful” of adoptive parents and adoptees. (No mention of birth parents, but do they really count over there anyway?) The “official” reason, if you believe the mod’s zany lecture, is that the use of the term “adopter”–in Bastardette’s own blog not on the forums–is “anti-adoption.” (We’ll be discussing the term “adopter,” and why it’s a “threat” in a future blog.) But “adopter” isn’t used at all in Forever Family–Forever Dead. In fact, it appears sparsely on these pages–April 3, May 6, May 8, and May 25. Of course, it wouldn’t look good to beat up on small children Continue Reading →