It does not take an English major, computer genius–or a “WARNING: SATIRE AHEAD” banner to figure out that Medical Adoptions is satire. The alarmed didn’t even need to go to Snopes to assuage their greatest fears. All that was necessary before hitting the hissy switch was to go to the very bottom of the Medical Adoption web page and read the following:please visit our sponsors: Conjugal Marriage | Celebrity Adoptions | Really Useful Sites Directory Of course, there will always be those who believe there really are companies that set up conjugal dates for convicts, that the Catholic Church has established a “Victims of Children Fund” or that corpse compacting is the new environment-friendly funeral option. If people will believe ManBeef, they’ll believe anything. Just because something could be true doesn’t make it true. Just ask Jonathan Swift. Obviously, everyone has a right to be disgusted and to voice that disgust. But when you ratchet up that disgust to demand that a webpage be shut down or a person or organization be shut up by government force because you don’t like what they say or do it’s another story. If anyone should understand the consequences of censorship it should be Continue Reading →

MORE STEW: "Medical Adoptions" and "Saving Adoption"

Bastardette is on several email lists where Medical Adoptions (see previous entry) is being discussed. Adoptees and fellow travelers continue to find the page brilliant; the professional adoption class continues to dither in its stew. Some JCICS (Joint Council on International Child Services) agencies reportedly have complained about the site to the FBI and other “authorities.” If foreigners read the page, they’ll believe long-standing tales that USians adopt baybees for body parts, Of course, this is blatantly untrue. Nobody steals child kidneys and gall bladders–only identities. Ultimately, this grousing is all about “saving adoption” and much of the complaining comes from the same crowd that tried 3 years ago to stick a gag in Masha “for her own good.” Adoption is just such so fragile…Clearly, the “institution” of adoption is much more important than the children it allegedly serves–even victims of sexual violence like Masha or those killed by their “forever families.” And let’s not even look at what it does to grown-up beneficiaries! Do we still need to discuss what the war against adoptee rights is really about? Adoption apparently can only flourish in secrecy. Anything–Masha’s speaking out, a satirical webpage, Who’s Your Daddy?–are clear and present dangers to Continue Reading →