Stylin’ with NCFA: Bow Tie & Pearls Gala for Adoption

The National Council for Adoption is not a part of the official National Adoption Awareness Month coalition. (I got this from the horse’s mouth!). But it does use November to promote adoption and to fund raise. (Is NAAM about anything else?) This year’s NCFA’s 30th anniversary Bow Tie & Pearls Gala will be held November 18 at The Willard (Bastardette’s all-time favorite hotel- NCFA discount price:$349/night). The cost of gala and room, unfortunately, precludes the possibility of me attending. Bastard Nation’s vast coffers may well have bought the 1999 passage of Measure 58 in Oregon (Bill Pierce says we did, so it must be true), but I think our treasurer might balk at signing off on a $15,000 Gold Sponsor ticket. Not that L-d-S Family Services, who’s coughing up that amount, doesn’t deserve a seat next to me. Or for that matter, Gladney and Bethany who are cheaping out as $5,000 Silver Sponsors. The Silver Sponsor list also includes the awkwardly worded Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker and Mona Charen. I had to read this several times. Last I knew Mona Charen is Mrs. Robert Parker, not a third party in an open marriage. Charen is a conservative columnist for Continue Reading →