Another one bites the dust! Unredacted court files without restriction opened to all Hawai’i adoptees.

This law gives adult adoptees (age 18) AND birth parents of adult adoptees unrestricted access to the entire, unredacted court file of the adoption, including a copy of the original birth certificate contained therein, upon request. It is the only state to do so. In fact, we don’t think there is any state or even other jurisdiction (country, province, etc) that gives birthparents this kind of access. The bill goes into effect immediately. (Go to the link above to read the bill, it’s history, and mandates). Continue Reading →


If they build it, they will come: As expected, tonight the Hawai’i legislature overrode Gov. Linda Lingle’s veto of HB 1830. That Hawai has no newborn abandonment or neonaticide problem makes no difference to the baby harvesters. If it steals just one… Our friends from Massachusetts…you know, the ones who are barred from posting here, but who nonetheless continue to send pithy comments under the fitting name of “anonymous”… have been schmoozing Island leggies and talking heads for the last few days. You can read all about their adventures on their MySpace page. Since this was a done-deal, one can only ask why they went all that way and to all that expense to push a done-deal other than to hula on the beach and stick another piece of chewing gum on their bedpost over night. That, of course, is for their handlers to sort out. For now it’s entertaining enough to watch and wonder who is whose useful idiot. The identity rights of adoptees have been flushed down the sewer..but we must remember that a few brave legislators stood against the BS Haven juggernaut. The juggernaut, of course, had nothing to do “saving babies”and everything to do with sticking Continue Reading →


Text of the letter of opposition to HB 1830 by the American Adoption Congress. It is published hon the ACC webpage. [pdf]**********American Adoption CongressPO Box 42730Washington, June 7, 2007 The Honorable Linda LingleGovernor, State of Hawai’iExecutive ChambersState CapitolHonolulu, Hawai’i 96813 RE: HB1830 – Safe Haven Proposed Legislation The American Adoption Congress (AAC) founded in 1978, is a national organization committed to adoption education and reform. Our membership includes adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoption professionals across the Untied States and several foreign countries. The AAC urges you to veto HB1830 for the same reasons that you vetoed HB133 in 2003. Although AAC supports the lifesaving intent of “safe haven” bills, we continue to oppose their passage. All relinquished or abandoned children are entitled to the truth about themselves, including birth, histories, family medical histories, and social, ethnic and religious histories. Medical histories in particular are essential for the health of the children and their descendants. While HB1830 requires that the person leaving the newborn provide written information on the family medical history, it is unrealistic to expect a birth mother in a crisis pregnancy to do more than hurriedly leave the baby on the doorstep of the hospital Continue Reading →


PLEASE FORWARD FREELY! BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT IF IT’S NOT BROKE–DON’T FIX IT! VETO HAWAI’I HB 1830 – Safe Haven Act Aloha!! Hawai’ian adoptees and Governor Linda Lingle need your support…now! HB 1830 which would legalize newborn abandonment in Hawai’i through the implementation of “safe havens” has passed both houses and is on Gov. Linda Lingle’s desk awaiting her signature. In 2003 Lingle vetoed a similar bill saying that it would undermine traditional Hawai’ian family values and discourage mothers from seeking assistance from in-place resources. Lingle has made no public comment about the current bill, but there is no indication that she has changed her mind about “safe havens” in Hawai’i. In April, her senior policy adviser Linda Smith, in written testimony to the legislature, said, “Enactment of this bill may encourage those mothers to abandon their children rather than seeking help from the birth fathers, their families, and other supportive resources,” an almost direct quote from Lingle’s 2003 veto statement. Gov Lingle is under tremendous political pressure to sign HB 1830 or let it pass into law without her signature. She has until June 23 to indicate whether she is considering vetoing the bill and until July 10 to Continue Reading →