Just a reminder. Hawai’i Governor Linda Lingle has until June 23 to announce if she is considering vetoing HB 1830, the latest incarnation of baby dump legislation in that state. Gov. Lingle needs to know that the adoptee rights/adoption reform community on the Mainland does not support so-called “safe haven” laws which commodify newborns and their parents, promote anonymous baby abandonment as “just another choice,” and undermine hanai. Gov. Lingle vetoed similar legislation in 2003 and has been the target of a pro-dump gang since. Read this “open letter” to the governor from one baby abandonment advocate. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Read the bill Read Bastard Nation’s letter to Gov Lingle published here on May 22. Read Bastard Nation’s full action alert published here on June 9. Read Gov. Lingle’s 2003 veto statement posted by the American Adoption Congress here Contact Gov. Lingle and key legislators. TALKING POINTS: • HB 1830 is not needed; newborn abandonment/neonaticide in the state is nearly unheard of. Since 1996 there has only been one prosecutable case… • HB 1830 rejects and undermines the traditional Hawai’ian practice of “hanai”– extended family and community care which insures that children, unable to be reared by their biological Continue Reading →


PLEASE FORWARD FREELY! BASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT IF IT’S NOT BROKE–DON’T FIX IT! VETO HAWAI’I HB 1830 – Safe Haven Act Aloha!! Hawai’ian adoptees and Governor Linda Lingle need your support…now! HB 1830 which would legalize newborn abandonment in Hawai’i through the implementation of “safe havens” has passed both houses and is on Gov. Linda Lingle’s desk awaiting her signature. In 2003 Lingle vetoed a similar bill saying that it would undermine traditional Hawai’ian family values and discourage mothers from seeking assistance from in-place resources. Lingle has made no public comment about the current bill, but there is no indication that she has changed her mind about “safe havens” in Hawai’i. In April, her senior policy adviser Linda Smith, in written testimony to the legislature, said, “Enactment of this bill may encourage those mothers to abandon their children rather than seeking help from the birth fathers, their families, and other supportive resources,” an almost direct quote from Lingle’s 2003 veto statement. Gov Lingle is under tremendous political pressure to sign HB 1830 or let it pass into law without her signature. She has until June 23 to indicate whether she is considering vetoing the bill and until July 10 to Continue Reading →