If they build it, they will come: As expected, tonight the Hawai’i legislature overrode Gov. Linda Lingle’s veto of HB 1830. That Hawai has no newborn abandonment or neonaticide problem makes no difference to the baby harvesters. If it steals just one… Our friends from Massachusetts…you know, the ones who are barred from posting here, but who nonetheless continue to send pithy comments under the fitting name of “anonymous”… have been schmoozing Island leggies and talking heads for the last few days. You can read all about their adventures on their MySpace page. Since this was a done-deal, one can only ask why they went all that way and to all that expense to push a done-deal other than to hula on the beach and stick another piece of chewing gum on their bedpost over night. That, of course, is for their handlers to sort out. For now it’s entertaining enough to watch and wonder who is whose useful idiot. The identity rights of adoptees have been flushed down the sewer..but we must remember that a few brave legislators stood against the BS Haven juggernaut. The juggernaut, of course, had nothing to do “saving babies”and everything to do with sticking Continue Reading →


According to the HI legislative page, this afternoon Gov. Lingle vetoed HB1830–the Safe Haven bill. Her veto statement is not yet linked, but you can go here for verification of the veto and to look later for her statement. Thanks to all who contacted Hawai’ian lawmakers and voiced your views against safe havens. If you have not done so, fax, email, call and ask Hawai’ian legislators to let the veto stand and oppose an override. Tell them to stand up for the rights of Hawai’ian children, families and adoptees. See BN’s Action Alert dated July 9 (just below “New Hampshire: Battin’ 1000!”) for contact information. And don’t forget to thank Governor Lingle, too:The Honorable Linda LingleGovernor, State of Hawai` Executive Chambers State Capitol Honolulu, Hawai`i96813 Phone: 808-586-0034Fax: 808-586-0006e-mail: [email protected] **********Dear__________ RE: HB 1830 Safe Haven Override Dear_______________ Please do not support the override of HB1830, the Safe Haven Act. Safe Haven laws are detrimental to children, families and ethical child surrender and adoption. For decades adoption reformers and all but a few secretive adoption professionals have fought to create transparent, accountable child surrender and adoption practices and policies such as ethical counseling for natural parents, adult adoptee access to original Continue Reading →