If they build it, they will come:

As expected, tonight the Hawai’i legislature overrode Gov. Linda Lingle’s veto of HB 1830. That Hawai has no newborn abandonment or neonaticide problem makes no difference to the baby harvesters. If it steals just one…

Our friends from Massachusetts…you know, the ones who are barred from posting here, but who nonetheless continue to send pithy comments under the fitting name of “anonymous”… have been schmoozing Island leggies and talking heads for the last few days. You can read all about their adventures on their MySpace page. Since this was a done-deal, one can only ask why they went all that way and to all that expense to push a done-deal other than to hula on the beach and stick another piece of chewing gum on their bedpost over night. That, of course, is for their handlers to sort out. For now it’s entertaining enough to watch and wonder who is whose useful idiot.

The identity rights of adoptees have been flushed down the sewer..but we must remember that a few brave legislators stood against the BS Haven juggernaut. The juggernaut, of course, had nothing to do “saving babies”and everything to do with sticking it to a minority governor. You see, Linda Lingle is a Republican (Bastardette, is too; we all have our bad choices to bear!) governor with a big Democratic big government -loving legislature. The vote went down close to party lines.

Tomorrow I hope to post a full list of leggies who withstood the PC pressure and stood up for adoptee rights and family values. Those people deserve a big round of applause and letters of thanks from those of us who believe in rights and ethics over newspaper headlines and stunts.


  1. Argh, stupid, stupid legislators. When is somebody going to look at the problem of baby dumping and devise an actual solution?


  2. As stated previously, the Morriseys are banned from posting on The Daily Bastardette. All of the “deleted comments” on this page appear to be posted by them or their agents, so they have been removed.

  3. In California, where “Safe Surrender”
    exist, there has been no decrease in baby dumping. Thirteen abandonment deaths have been noted in our state for 2006. Although there have been high dump and low dump years pre and post SS laws, this is one of the highest years yet–even when counting the five years prior to SS laws.

    SS doesn’t work. As well, there is truly something wrong with legalizing a vile act like abandoning a child.

    Oh, yeah, did I mention that it doesn’t work?

  4. This was a done deal weeks ago. The override has little to do with baby saving and plenty to do withthe Dems sticking it to Linda Lingle. The vote was mostly along party lines, no matter how much pushers want to take credit. So now we can sit back and watch the dumpers try to finish off what the missionaries started.

    Things might get interesting though.

  5. Oh, dear I should have added the obvious. Action alerts are SOP to support or oppose an issue. Whether you know if an issue is a loser or winner, sending out action alerts is what people do. Everybody in Hawai’i was 98% sure a deal had been cut weeks ago, but one can always hope. And that’s what politics is about, despites the Clintons.

    From the looks of the list of “excused” leggies, it appears some of them didn’t have the heart to go against their Democratic masters and just sat it out. That’s sort of a win. One member who voted against the override was previously a staunch supporter of SH. Oops! The vote, in fact, went much better than we thought it would. Not everyone in the legislature is a missionary.

    Needless to say, I am so happy to be a card carrying Republican. It is people like us that will save the GOP from the Straussian oblivion it so richly deserves.

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