My Personal Letter to CT. Governor Ned Lamont: Please sign HB 6105

May 31, 2021

Dear Governor Lamont:

I write today to ask you to sign HB 6105, a bill that will restore the right of all Connecticut-born adopted people to their Original Birth Certificates (OBC) Under current state law only those born on or after October 1, 1983 can currently obtain their OBC without a court order.

I am the co-founder and executive chair of Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization. We have submitted an organizational letter to you urging your support. This is a personal note.

I am rooted in Connecticut history. I am a direct descendant of Matthew Marvin, Sr, “Adventurer,” founder of Hartford and Norwalk, and Deputy to the Connecticut General Court (1654). I am also a direct descendant of Magistrate John Clarke., a founder of Hartford, Moreover, my family includes early founders and settlers from the Gregory, Olmsted, and Pratt families.

I am pretty sure that none of them would be happy that the Connecticut they founded and codified in the Fundamental Order of 1639 currently denies some of its citizens the right to their own public records, their histories, and identities.

In 2021 there is no reason to deny adopted people their original birth certificates. I was born in Ohio and always had access to my OBC. It breaks my heart that over 30,000 Connecticut-born adoptees are held hostage to an archaic,inhuman law that divides their rights by date of birth.

Connecticut has an historic mandate of personal liberty and personal autonomy. Please solidify that history by signing HB 6105 and making Connecticut the 10th state to acknowledge adoptee equality

Yours truly,

Marley Greiner

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