Shut Down the Machine!


There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious–makes you so sick at heart–that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all….
Mario Savio, Sproul Hall steps, Deccember 2, 1964 Continue Reading →

NAM./NAAM Day 30: The Wicked Witch is Dead Redux

I hope this is a sign that Class Bastard is being treated with more respect than in the past, but I won’t count on it. Christian Nationalists, Christo-fascists, Southern Baptist bullies, baby-entitled simpletons, and forced birthers want to march us back in their fetid closet gagged and hobbled, so remain aware. Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 29: Crazy Claim: Safe Haven Baby Boxes Lower Infant Mortality Rates. Stats Show Differently

According to this report, Znachko made the most astounding claim during the ceremony:

“I believe that it is the number one initiative that we have to battle infant mortality in the state of Indiana and across our country. Even though it’s a privately funded device, it is the private sector and the public sector coming together to battle this really important issue,” Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 28: Stop Erasing the Adoptee Lived Experience. We Know Our Stories. You Don’t.

ike Annette, this is what riles me:  the troll that decides to “interpret” and re-write –in public no less!–someone else’s lived experience to fit their own mythology or own lived experience, which one would dare not ever question. Of course, this trollery isn’t limited to chasing down adopted people. This institutionalized trollery extends to every possible group and experience of everybody who isn’t them. Not a day goes by when I don’t read on Twitter the I-know-better-than-you-do-about-yourself crowd lectures to people of color, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Catholics, Protestants (SBCs love to correct other Protestants they deem doctrinally errant); the poor, alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill, immigrants, queers, feminists, women who have had abortions, the childfree by choice, rape survivors, abuse survivors, Europeans, Democrats, academics, the under- and unemployed. and women in general. Not surprisingly, most of these trolls come from the dominant class who don’t want to share their American apple pie with us. Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 27: Fun at Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Now, I believe that SHBB Inc founder and CEO Monica Kelsey actually cares about these babies. She may love them. It’s not an act. She sometimes refers to them as “my babies.” She fantasizes occasionally that someday one of these (grateful) kids will grow up and take over the baby box company when she retires. Frankly, I don’t see her ever retiring because it’s much more fun and easier than her former job of firefighter/EMT, and there’s lots of free travel thanks to other people’s dimes. Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 26: Black Friday Adoption $$$ Grubbing

It’s probably a coincidence that National Adoption (Awareness) Month and Thanksgiving both fall in November. It is also fortuitous since it gives the adoption industry and its ancillaries the opportunity, like every other business, to cash in on Black Friday, that strangely named day-after-Thanksgiving Big Sale Day that has overtaken George Day (Washington’s birthday)  in popularity and spending and prole consumer riots on the floors of Walmart and Best Buy. Is there anything more American? Not according to the US baby acquisition folks. Continue Reading →

NAD/NAAD Day 25: Students for Life Continues to Co-opt, Appropriate Celebrity Adoptees

The point is that SFL took Cheoweth’s words, produced a meme of sorts, with them and her picture, and posted it around the internet. The world. It actually stamped a SFL © in the upper right-hand corner…It also implies that Chenoweth agrees the Christian Nationalist ideology of SFL president, Kristan Hawkins. The organization, in effect, linked Chenoweth with SFL’s organization and agenda… Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 24. Kristan Hawkins’ Turkey: Leonard Leo Take Note!

Instead, I will just post an exceedingly stupid Tweet from SFL president Kristan Hawkins, that suggests, for the 27,000th time that she might be prone to drunk posting. Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 22: I Think I Have a Cannibal in my Adoptive Family Tree

He is credited with 11 known murders, but is believed to have committed many more in his back-and- forth travels across the “old west” and British Columbia. He seems to have shot anyone he felt like for the fun of it. On his way to California, he stabbed his cousin and companion Littlebbury Shoot (love the name!) in the chest just because he could. He reportedly hired out as a Danite* and killed 2 men in the Salt Lake City area at the request of Mormons “who wanted them removed.” (no details.) He bragged that he occasionally ate parts of some of his victims, though he claimed it was strictly a survival situation.

Continue Reading →

NAM/NAAM Day 21: Huge Increase in Foster Care Numbers Since Dobbs

“Economics” hefts up foster care and adoption, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that anti-aborts and adoption fetishizers have any interest in fixing that disaster. That would be Marxist or some other bullshit. Make no mistake. Adoption numbers will rise–one of the reasons we must get as much of our legislation passed as we can now. Continue Reading →