Thanksgiving 2022: Synoptic Comments on Overeating, Family History, and William Burroughs

I planned originally to post a list of sorts: things and people I am thankful for, so I could bypass the settler-colonial dialogue. My own family was just that starting in 1632. A few years later, one of them was a magistrate in Stratford, Connecticut, He hanged a “witch,” Goody Basset. I can’t find a reference on this right now, but one of the charges against her was ownership of a ladder Continue Reading →

William Burroughs: A Thanksgiving Prayer–And adoptee adjunct

Bastardette has had a love affair with William Burroughs since she was 14. His A Thanksgiving Prayer is posted below.  It’s nervy, but I’ve dared to add to the Master’s Voice. I believe it fits nicely after “Thanks for a nation of finks.” Continue Reading →