The Mark Crutcher Shit Show: Adoption: the Real Story or Theocratic Fantasy

As if there isn’t enough to be mad about right now in this Year of the Trump Plague-a-Rama,-Drama-Ding Dong.Fuckfest, along comes long-time anti-abortion loon Mark Crutcher .

Crutcher, a very big name in force-birth mania, released a  podcast last week (I just got notice on Twitter today): Adoption: the Real Story. Special guest: Sheila “Benedict Bastard” Crutcher, his happy dappy adoptee saved from the abortion mill–or so it’s implied–even though her birthmother wrote her a letter 30 years ago and doesn’t seem to have had any intention of aborting her. Sheila very sprightly and springingly, happy and grateful, assures the audience that adoption is not a form of abandonment.  It’s an act of sacrificial love. Of course, neither she nor Dad brought up sealed records much less that AdoptionLand is rife with abandonment issues. trafficking, wrecked lives, and self-defined trauma for adoptees and bios alike.

I’ve followed Crutcher off and on for years–mostly off–since he is one of the few of his ilk that I seriously can’t stomach. The flabby Dick Cheney look never cut if for me.  He is the founder and president of Life Dynamics,and you can read his bio on that page. I am no doubt being lazy tonight, without a full rundown of Crutcher’s activities, but if you are interested here’s a sample of Crutcherisms from RightWing Watch.  According to Guidestar, (free registration required), Life Dynamics maintains assets worth nearly $1 million, but in May it ran a GoFundMe campaign for $5,000 that flopped bilking about only one-quarter of the goal. A couple days ago Crutcher called for a Congressional investigation of “big abortion” for racial discrimination and hate crimes.

You really need to listen to the podcast to get the full impact of 36 minutes of adopta-nonsense.

Crutcher’s take on abortion and adoption is worse than I imagined. The Life Dynamic Duo started out rather mildly talking about the Crutcher couple’s long struggle to adopt Sheila, along with Sheila adopta-anecdotes. Sheila piped in pretty much-dissing family preservation (she’s worked in fostercare), then segued with Dad into the unfair high cost of adoption without mentioning free enterprise.and that agencies set the prices. Sheila recommends that adoption become a “government service.”  She didn’t mention socialism– yet.

Crutcher argued that the “pro-life” community is wrong when it preaches that adoption is a solution to abortion since a lot of women just don’t want to be pregnant. Period. (I almost gave him a small prop for that).Then Sheila reminded us that “lots” of abortions are done so women can hide pregnancy from somebody, but she never said from whom

And then it got weird

.Crutcher then proposed to set up his own personal national adoption registry campaign for pregnant women who are considering abortion and couples (no singles need apply probably) who want to adopt, 1, 3, or 10 children. Then he backtracked  a tad and clarified that he’d like to see the registry done by the government. Hopefully, Trump will be re-elected and it’s a go. The match would be made and accomplished–free, of course.   He didn’t mention of socialism–yet.

And then it got really weird

If a match were not made–then the federal government would issue a permission-to-abort certificate. He knows, of course, this would never happen, because the product of every unwanted pregnancy would end up in the adoption mill–most likely Christian.  Under this win-win-win scenario, abortion would disappear from the country since every fetus-baby would be wanted by somebody, (though molesters and pedos need not apply. ) No baby would be unwanted; no woman forced to rear a baby she didn’t want.–though he never elaborates how this satisfies women who don’t want to be pregnant. He didn’t mention socialism–yet. Only government redistribution of resources.

And then it got really really weird

The vetting process would reject anyone for adopted parenthood who considers themselves “pro-choice,” since they are “morally unqualified to adopt.” One month they think the baby should be murdered; the next month they want to adopt it. Kids who learn their mothers support abortion or even had one is traumatized for life by this betrayal of trust. They didn’t mention socialism–yet.

More shit show

The whole shit show is interspersed with abortion horror stories including one about a woman Crutcher said he knew who developed sepsis after a procedure and ended up dead–but not until her hands and feet, arms and legs were slowly amputated, leaving just her “trunk and head.”  Sheila told us it hurt.

Anyone who supports reproductive rights and isn’t real fond of adoption is Marxist and Communist. Socialism is mentioned –finally.

The End

The Cruthers admit that this fantasy will never come true because “they”  (liberals, and “pro-choicers) won’t let it.

Really, I wanted to punch somebody in the head after listening to this. Instead, I’m writing this.




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