Bastards Against Trump – BAT 2020

I started new FB page Bastards Against Trump–or BAT – 2020.  It is not affiliated with Bastard Nation or any other entity–just me. It’s a place for anyone, especially  (but not limited to ) adoptees and allies who oppose Trump to come together to talk, inform and ridicule. In my wild imagination I’d love to see a Bastard movement against him and Trumpism that scares the Orange Penis so bad he Tweet-demands adoption be boycotted, but I doubt that will happen.

So far I have posted everything I’ve ever written about Trump and a couple of new pieces from elsewhere that just came out.  Please feel free to post your own  favorites and comments unless you are a Trumpster.  If that’s the case go find some boots to lick. Discussion is most welcome.

FB wouldn’t let me name the page by birth name; hence BAT  – 2020.  Zuckerberg deemed its real name an offense against its famous “community standards.”  Sound familiar? Incels and Nazis are great. Bastards not so much.

There should be a Twitter account up this weekend.

I am having a problem sending out invitations, but I doubt if an underpaid and overworked Zuckerberg busybody is interfering.  Some kind of tech glitch.

Please like Bastards Against Trump. We only have a few weeks before the election to knock this guy out of the game. Let this be a win for Bastards!

Go to BAT at:

Bastards Against Trump – 2020 




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  1. There’s not many things I can say about that scumbag trump without being put in faceplants jail for at least another 30 days facebooks standards of free speech SUCK,and are in my opinion childish!As long as that traitor trump is breathing , he’ll be a danger to America & our democracy

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