I know this is not serious Haiti news, but I just had to comment. As if things can’t get any worse in Haiti, now comes attention whore and obsessive tweeter Tila Tequila announcing she intends to adopt two (or three) Haitian “orphans.” Of course this wouldn’t happen even if hell freezes over. Numerous sources report that Tequila, apparently recovered from her suicidal tendencies over the December death of so-called fiancee Casey Johnson and her thwarted “attempt” to adopt Johnson’s adopted daughter (another hell freezes over impossibility) tweeted her orphan saving intent yesterday. Last month I wrote about the Casey Johnson adoption scandal here. My favorite headline is Hollywood Gossip’s Tila Tequila Threatens Haitian Orphans with Adoption. Her tweets include (original spelling) I will adop 2 children from HAITI….I’m going to try to do that ASAP! Those poor babies ! Mommy is coming to rescue u my Angels! xoxox.I am going to have 2 biological babies of my own, then adopt 3 other babies who need a home! TILA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!For real 4 real Im filing papers now to adopt a child…a boy around 2 years old!! I’m sooooooo excited! AHHH oops! I wasn’t supposed 2 tell u that!” Aceshowbiz reported Continue Reading →


This story should have legs–should run all over AdoptionLand. But will it? Johnson & Johnson heiress,socialite, wannabe actress, fiancee of attention pig Tila Tequila, and now dead Casey Johnson left behind a 3-year old adopted daughter acquired in Kazakhstan: Ava-Monroe (after Marilyn). Parent Dish has the best article on this travesty that I’ve seen so far: Opinion: Why was Casey Johnson allowed to adopt? Little seems to be known publicly about the adoption, but we can assuredly answer Parent Dish’s question: $$$$. For those unfamiliar with Ms. Johnson and the adoption, here’s a rundown from Parent Dish with links left in for your convenience: The socialite moved in star-studded circles and counted among her best friends Paris and Nicky Hilton. Her lifestyle was far from stable, as revealed by the fact that her mother, Sale, felt it necessary to take custody of Ava, The Huffington Post reports. Just last month, Johnson and her girlfriend, reality TV star Tila Tequila, flew from Los Angeles to New York City in an attempt to regain custody of the child — and came home empty-handed… But Johnson’s case is different: How is it possible that her wealth and family name outweighed the obvious facts Continue Reading →