I know this is not serious Haiti news, but I just had to comment.

As if things can’t get any worse in Haiti, now comes attention whore and obsessive tweeter Tila Tequila announcing she intends to adopt two (or three) Haitian “orphans.” Of course this wouldn’t happen even if hell freezes over.

Numerous sources report that Tequila, apparently recovered from her suicidal tendencies over the December death of so-called fiancee Casey Johnson and her thwarted “attempt” to adopt Johnson’s adopted daughter (another hell freezes over impossibility) tweeted her orphan saving intent yesterday. Last month I wrote about the Casey Johnson adoption scandal here.

My favorite headline is Hollywood Gossip’s Tila Tequila Threatens Haitian Orphans with Adoption. Her tweets include (original spelling)

I will adop 2 children from HAITI….I’m going to try to do that ASAP! Those poor babies ! Mommy is coming to rescue u my Angels! xoxox.

I am going to have 2 biological babies of my own, then adopt 3 other babies who need a home! TILA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!For real

4 real Im filing papers now to adopt a child…a boy around 2 years old!! I’m sooooooo excited! AHHH oops! I wasn’t supposed 2 tell u that!”

Aceshowbiz reported another tweet:

“I’m in the middle of filing papers to adopt another child right now! While I have my own, I want my baby 2 have a bro or sis 2 play with!,”

Yesterday, Tequila posted the following message on her official webpage Tila’s Hotspot and her My Space blog

Hey everyone!

Even though I am already pregnant right now, I have always wanted to adopt at least 2 or 3 more children of my own. Right now with all the horrible things happening in Haiti, I have decided to go file some papers to see if I can at least save 1 baby from Haiti and bring he/she to America and provide a nice, loving, home for my adopted child and save the baby from the tragedy going on in Haiti right now!

Mama T

Ace also says that in the middle of making her Haitian adoption plan Tequila asked for volunteer sperm donors for the second baby, she plans to make immediately after the birth of the first.

I wanted to go back and look at her tweets myself to see if there were any more, but Tequila has deleted her Twitter account. (Maybe hell did freeze over!) As I was finishing this entry, for some insane reason I looked around and found an archive them here, (pages 4-6.) Interspersed with dozens of inane obsessive chatter about herself, her alleged baby, her “business” plans, Casey Johnson, and all around public masturbation, you’ll see this:

I am the virgin Mary, and my child will be born Jesus Christ. I am the second Coming…….God told me so. I shall save all good people

You will also see several claims that “the Ambassador” (unnamed) supports her adoption plans.

Just got done talking 2 Ambassador! Hes gonna help me adopt a child from HAITI! Im so blessed! Ok guys thats all 4 twitter. I got work 2 do!


I swear this is wut the Ambassador emailed me in regard 2 adopting a baby frm Haiti “God Bless your heart you are truly one of God’s angel!

It would be nice to think the Twitter account was nuked because her family staged an intervention, but they didn’t. She promises us a new “celebrity blog” soon.

Now I’ll return to real Haitian news.

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  1. omg if such a thing happens i would lose my mind and prob find myself protesting on the corner of the streets till the news finds me so i can exchange words publicly with Tila. I hate when celebs think they are REALLY doing something by adopting or fostering like its a “good deed”. Yea, some of them have good intentions but the rest…come on, dont play yaself because we see through it. great post!

  2. I had never heard of T.T. until the story of Johnson’s death broke. I also had never heard of Casey Johnson until then. Of course, I am an old fogey who thinks Lady Gaga is freaky and Pink stinks, but this addlepated twit sounds really bonkers. Can we say “wing nut?” Thanks for the comic relief, BD.

  3. I suppose the easiest thing for an “Ambassador” to do is to yes her to death just to make her go away. Then tell your gatekeeper to tell her you are in “an important meeting” when she calls.

  4. First it was the little dogs that could fit into a handbag…

    but can you say upgrade?

    These “celebrities” (and I’m stretching it for this one) don’t actually raise the kid, they just parade him around for photo ops. It’s the nannies who actually raise them. It’s sick and twisted and it’s America’s Adoption Industry converting innocent babies into Mercedes Benz’s.

    That’s why they want Haitian orphans, those bleeding heart celebrities. They get a 2 for 1. They get their new “puppy” and everyone will pat them on the back and call them HUMANITARIANS. GOOD PUBLICITY!!!!! (at least for 18 years.)

  5. Robin, I am even less hip than you. I never even heard of Pink:-) My husband who works with younger people told me who Lady Gaga was. I never liked Madonna much either. Nor Abba….I was stuck watching that dreadful Mama Mia movie on a plane! Wanted to jump. And disco still sucks:-)

    Never heard of Tia or Casey at all until the poor girl died. I think celebrities should be held to same standards as normal people who want to adopt. For most, their wealthy but trailer trash lifestyle would rule them out.

    They need more dogs that fit in designer purses, less kids!

  6. Apparently CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is planning on “adopting” a Haitian child:

    “After saving one on national television, Anderson is said to be bringing home a Haitian orphan of his own and will raise it with Maisani. Cooper’s transformation into Madonna is complete!”


    Wow, I hope this is not true. The comments at the article seem to be centered around the fact that the Enquirer is “outing” Cooper as a gay man. (Not that this was even a secret). Not much concern about the child.

  7. Good. That didn’t sound right to me. Tabs are usually pretty careful about what they write. If it’s not exactly correct, most celebs don’t mind since it’s all about publicity or it’s not important enough to get into a tiff about. But they were outing him and that’s different. The last time they were sued was years ago when Carol Burnett nailed them and won. A big enough lawsuit can put them out of business. Look at Confidential.

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