NAM/NAAM Day 26: Black Friday Adoption $$$ Grubbing

It’s probably a coincidence that National Adoption (Awareness) Month and Thanksgiving both fall in November. It is also fortuitous since it gives the adoption industry and its ancillaries the opportunity, like every other business, to cash in on Black Friday, that strangely named day-after-Thanksgiving Big Sale Day that has overtaken George Day (Washington’s birthday)  in popularity and spending and prole consumer riots on the floors of Walmart and Best Buy. Is there anything more American? Not according to the US baby acquisition folks. Continue Reading →


Bastardette is well into Week 2 of bronchitis. Since I don’t do doctors, I’m toughing it out. I’m getting better, but I just don’t feel like doing much. I have several blogs in the oven, and need to bake them up. In the meantime, I’m passing on an entry I read last night, Secrets, Lies, and Family Ties from Always Musing, which interestingly, is not an adoption blog. Blogger Cathy Voisard and I are members of She Writes, a social network for women writers you might want to check out if you’re serious about your writing. Cathy’s story is a twisted version of the LDA narrative. She and her older sister were reared to believe that their biological brother was their uncle, but that’s just the tip. Here’s how her story begins I didn’t know I had a brother until I was thirteen years old. It wasn’t like my brother was some alien kin who had been shipped off to adoptive parents for financial or other reasons; some stranger that I never knew. I grew up with my brother. I had lived with him in the same house until I was 6, which, at the age of 13, was about Continue Reading →


AdoptionLaLaLand and its absurdities never ceases to amuse or aggravate. Here’s some stories I considered writing about this week, that are so disturbing that I couldn’t come up with any rational comments. (Go the the bottom of this entry for good news) These stories are not directly related to adoption, but touch on our own issues of identity, child and mother welfare, and government craziness.MICHIGAN: SHOTGUN WEDDING SANCTIFY MARRIAGE MI dad told to pay for child’s birth or wed mom The Washington Post (and the wire) reports that Gary Johnson has been ordered to either pay $3800 for the birth of his daughter JaeLyn, or marry the mother Rebecca Witt. No, Mr. Johnson has not deserted Ms Witt, denied parentage, run out on child support payments, or committed some other dastardly deed. He’s just not married to the mother of his daughter. Under the state’s paternity act, amended 5 years ago, birth costs can be waived if the father is married to the mother. At the time of JayLyn’s birth, Miss Witt was on Medicaid and the state paid all costs. Now the state wants its money back. Johnson seems to have no qualms about the pay off, but neither Continue Reading →


Bastardette is taking a few days off to hob-nob with minor Bushistas and to take in the sights and sounds of our national fortress–that is–Washington, DC in cherry blossom time. Hopefully she will be regurgitated safely from the Belly of the Beast and be little need of first aid outside of a good stiff Suffering Bastard–or should I say Bastardette? Call me Ishmael! Call me Jonah! Bastardette may or not may not have much internet access, but will report on the entire funfest when she returns next week. I bet you can’t wait! In the meantime, gnaw on this cute story for awhile: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 6, 2005Custody dispute takes odd turn in case of surrogate triplets: egg donor seeks parental rights It’s too long to post here, but it begins: A 23-year old Arlington Texas woman told a judge yesterday that although she has only once visited 16-month old surrogate triplets created with her eggs, a Cleveland man’s sperm and another woman’s womb, her parental rights should be preserved…. And it only gets better.