AdoptaLeaks: Pound Pup Scores JCICS Board Minutes

I haven’t had a chance to read these yet, but Niels Hoogeveen at Pound Pup Legacy has made a real score: the Minutes of all JCICS board meetings June 17, 2005-August 26, 2009.

As Niels points out, somebody forgot to shut the door. They were available through a members only page that… ummm somebody left open.

Roelle Post has written a follow-up on interesting notations on Romania. I’m sure many more comments will come.
Watch it, Neils! Our national security thugs will be knocking on your door soon. They’re not Demons of Adoption for nothin
You are a True Bastard God!

ADDENDA: March 16, 2011: I heard from Niels over the weekend. He wants to clarify that he did not score these documents himself. Pound Pup was informed of the JCISC security leak and it was simply uploaded to the PP page. I want to reiterate, though that Pound Pup is an absolute top-notch source for those of us researching adoption.

4 Replies to “AdoptaLeaks: Pound Pup Scores JCICS Board Minutes”

  1. The “follow up” link is actually Roelie Post’s piece.

    But yes, Niels research has certainly unearthed a TROVE.

    Definitely worthy of a through reading by anyone who cares at all about the inner workings and machinations of the industry and its advocates and its effects on the adoption industry as a whole.

  2. I am trying to correct the last part of my blog and Blogger won’t let me in. Roelie Post wrote the comments on Romania, not Niels.

    When Blogger gets over it’s tandrum, I’m correct it officially.

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