The Perils of NaBloPoMoing (only a little about adoption)

modemIt’s a good thing I got my blog out early yesterday.  Last night my modem died, and with it access  to the Internet and my dearest bastards.

I’ve counted many reasons why I might not pull off NaBloPoMo  this year. The modem wasn’t one of them. What could keep me quiet::  my work schedule, an electrical storm, the electric shut off, falling asleep, and the most common –nothing to say. Some days it’s stretch,

A  new modem costs $ forget that!  Fortunately, ATT is moving to fiber optics, and I got  free upgrade.  The tech guy will be at my house tomorrow to fix  me up

In the meantime, I’m sitting at the campus Subway  across from Arps Hall using its free W-Fi. It’s open 24/7 and nobody cares how long you stay unless you’re drunk and loud or smoking crack and stupid. Just what  I want to do today since I had to get up at 2 AM to go to work in Findlay, Ohio  to inventory Pet Supplies Plus. At least they had  a  ferret.

The second hearing for Ohio NH 307 was held this morning, but I was busy counting cat food bags and missed it..  A  friend of mine, though, did attend and she’ll be sending me notes and copies of testimony  today or tomorrow.

The aide to the sponsor of the bill told me that as far s he knew the only proponent testimony would be Ohio Right to Life,  I fear ORTL has bitten off more than it  can chew with this one.  The folks there are accustomed to getting their way in the legislature, but they are way but are out of their league on this, You can’t “reform” adoption in Ohio without the support of Quad A, and  probate judges at  a minimum , neither of them are in the sandbox In fact, ORTL rejected Quad  A input. It’s still a mystery how this bill “encourages adoption.” I talked to a Quad A lawyer acquaintance  of mine, and she assureds me it’s as big a mystery to her as it is to me

Hopefully I’ll be back online for rel tomorrow,and have more to say



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