The Perils of NaBloPoMoing (only a little about adoption)

t’s a good thing I got my blog out early yesterday. Last night my modem died, and with it access to the Internet and my dearest bastards.

I’ve counted many reasons why I might not pull off NaBloPoMo this year. The modem wasn’t one of them. What could keep me quiet:: my work schedule, an electrical storm, the electric shut off, falling asleep, and the most common –nothing to say. Some days it’s stretch, Continue Reading →

Why is Adoptee Rights Still an Issue? the 20/20 question

National Adoption Month 2013 opened with a bang today.  Clicked on a link to “Bethany Christian Services” and “NAM” and got a live sex site. (No, I won’t put up the link) Then there’s the real porn.  ABC/s 20/20 Facebook question: Do you think all adoptive children should have access to their biological parents? Excuse me?   Some production intern, without much thought or grammatical skills, must have posted the question. I’m not even sure what the question even means: Does it refer to actual children, open adoption, the right of adult adoptees to their own original birth certificates? Or what? For the last 80 years, for their own specific  and sometimes unrelated reasons,  the state and its  politicians, along with social engineers, private industry, therapists, churches, and social do-gooders across the political spectrum have moderated the public and private lives of adoptees and their families.  Nowhere is the entwining of the personal and the political so grotesquely practiced as in adoption in the United States today.  Nowhere is the conflation of adults with children in public policy and public imagination so blatant.. Hence, even those deeply involved in bastard rights, don’t know for sure what the clumsy 20/20– post even Continue Reading →