Bastardette has gotten nothing done today, so we plan to spend the rest of the evening in bed with James Ellroy and start over tomorrow. We cannot, however, let our NaBloPoMo duties slide.

After we finished our second entry this week about the abandonment/dump hoax in Lewis Center, Ohio. I received a electronic hectorette from Mrs. Morrisey. I’m not posting the entire comment, but here’s how it starts:

Too Bad Marley, but you are WRONG again! I’ve got better things to do than to post on your ridiculous boring blog!

But, not too busy to READ my ridiculous boring blog, huh? Funny how all those snarks are lobbed from Lexington, Mass and are posted with a very specific point-of-origin identification. Perhaps some cranky neighbor is sneaking into the Morrisey home at the crack of dawn and sending comments on their computer into the ether. The Ms should file a police report.

But I digress.

Mrs. Morrisey goes on to point out how she and the Mr. and their BSh songsperson Renee Maracou, have been way busy, off on another jaunt to Hawai’i to pick up ANOTHER prize for their good work in undermining traditional Hawai’ian culture and sound child welfare practice. AKA: ” Baby Safe Haven.” Bastardette knew about this trip for some time, but had decided to un-publicize our favorite horn-blowers. But, since Mrs. Morrisey was kind enough to send me the link to their latest ego trip, I feel it is only polite to post it here. From it we learn:

Hawaii’s 2009 Outstanding Advocates for Children and Youth were recognized at Washington Place, Honolulu, on Thursday Oct. 29.

Rep. John Mizuno and Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland of the Hawaii State Legislature’s Keiki Caucus hosted a reception and luncheon to honor and recognize Hawaii’s 2009 Outstanding Advocates for Children and Youth. Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle joined Mizuno and Sen. Chun Oakland to recognize the Outstanding Advocates for Children and Youth.

“This event provides our state an opportunity to recognize the great accomplishments of advocates who have truly made a meaningful and positive impact on children and youth,” said Mizuno. ” [NOTE: at the right holding his crotch as Ms. Marcou sexily intones the benefits to mother and child of baby abandonment] Their accomplishments will certainly serve as shining examples for others to follow and will resonate the critical importance we place on our Keiki.”

Jean and Michael Morrisey of Baby Safe Haven traveled to Honolulu to receive their award, and brought Marcou to assist in the beginning of an awareness campaign for

Unfortunately, during the awards ceremony, the Ms were forced to spend time in the same room with Gov. Linda Lingle, who twice vetoed their pet project. We know how difficult it must have been for them to sit so close to the pond scum and risk contamination. We feel their disgust. We once had to spend 90 minutes with Rep. Michele Bachmann (Bat Shit-Minn).

You can find more stories and pictures of the swag junket at the MySpace Baby Safe Haven page.

Would Cricket Blake dump a baby?

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