Bastardette has gotten nothing done today, so we plan to spend the rest of the evening in bed with James Ellroy and start over tomorrow. We cannot, however, let our NaBloPoMo duties slide. After we finished our second entry this week about the abandonment/dump hoax in Lewis Center, Ohio. I received a electronic hectorette from Mrs. Morrisey. I’m not posting the entire comment, but here’s how it starts: Too Bad Marley, but you are WRONG again! I’ve got better things to do than to post on your ridiculous boring blog! But, not too busy to READ my ridiculous boring blog, huh? Funny how all those snarks are lobbed from Lexington, Mass and are posted with a very specific point-of-origin identification. Perhaps some cranky neighbor is sneaking into the Morrisey home at the crack of dawn and sending comments on their computer into the ether. The Ms should file a police report. But I digress. Mrs. Morrisey goes on to point out how she and the Mr. and their BSh songsperson Renee Maracou, have been way busy, off on another jaunt to Hawai’i to pick up ANOTHER prize for their good work in undermining traditional Hawai’ian culture and sound child welfare Continue Reading →


For weeks now, we’ve been hearing from certain corners how “this woman” (Bastardette) and a handful of loons are the only opposition to Hawai’i’s safe haven scheme. Tonight I’m posting letters of opposition to HB 1830 sent to Gov Linda Lingle by other macadamias: The American Adoption Congress and Adoption Circle Hawai’i. Also check out Anita Field’s letter to Linda Lingle on her blog. If you have letter you’d like to go up here, send it to me. I’m publishing the AAC and ACH letters separately as the evening goes on. And remember: it’s not to late to get your voice heard.