Bastardette Poll: You Decide: Does Michele Bachman Support Adoptee Rights

The blog I’d planned to post today won’t be finished in time to meet the NaBloPoMo deadline, so I’m offering a survey today. A few days ago I tweeted Michele Bachmann: @MicheleBachmann . Do adult adoptees deserve the restoration of the right to our original birth certificates or are we 2nd class citizens? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked, that  President Mrs.  Bachmann hasn’t replied.  With 6,000,000 potential Bachmann voters waiting breathlessly in the wings, you’d think she would understand the Power of the Bastard to swing an election.. Perhaps she’s busy launching her biologicals.or lecturing fosterparents on the harmful sexual identity effects of The Little Mermaid. Or perhaps she’s just too reticent to offer an opinion  You know how shy  she can be. So, in lieu of  Ma Belle Michele’s response, I’m now turning to Daily Bastardette readers to speak for her with a poll at the top left corner of this blog Does Michele Bachman support adoptee rights?  The poll will remain open for the remainder of National Adoption Month and you can give more than one answer. Vote early and often.

Michele Bachman Wants to Adopt You

…well, maybe not you specifically , but she wants you to adopt somebody. . Here’s her PSA for National Adoption Month (She leaves out the “awareness” part.)  As you’ll see in the video and in her House Resolution, she’s pushing foster adoption.. Oops, link went bad the first try)  It’s OK now. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with foster to adopt for genuinely familyless kids, but Ma Belle Michelle. a 20x + foster care provider of girls (she originally wanted to take in unmarried pregnant teens)  has a hidden agenda. See, according to our fav presidential has-been,  it’s not abuse, poverty, crime, neglect, family breaks-ups, foster home-hopping, and prominent dysfunctional foster mothers who cause problems for kids in fostercare.  It’s exposure to the public school system. ****** After I viewed Bachmann’s video, I tweeted her back: @MicheleBachmann . Do adult adoptees deserve the restoration of the right to our original birth certificates or are we 2nd class citizens?  Ya think she’ll reply? RELATED POSTS Beltway “Orphan” Wingnut Update Michele Bachman Named to “Most Loathesome List;” Carries on National Council for Adoption Tradition And you Think Sarah Palin’s Bad:  Meet NCFA’s Fried, Michele Bachmann


I was out of town for a few days and in and out of the LaLaAdoptionLand loop. As a consequence, I was only marginally aware that the Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute (CCAI) had stuck its industrial sized nose into the Orphan brouhaha until I did a phone interview with David Crary from the Associated Press. Crary had seen my earlier blogs on Orphan and wanted my permission to quote me. He informed me that the CCAI had sent Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer a letter aghast over the studio’s insensitivity to orphans, foster children, and adoption in general. Well, those aren’t the words Crary used, but that’s my translation. After I picked myself up from my rotfl moment and dusted off the dust, (actually, I was in the middle of an outdoor courtyard at the library,) he filled me in on the details. The letter had been signed not only by CCAI director Kathleen Strottmann, but 11 other groups including the Joint Council on International Childrens Services, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the Christian Alliance for Orphans, keeper of the website I wrote about earlier, and… (surprise!) The National Council for Adoption… Continue Reading →


Michelle Bachmann is back! Recently, The Beast named its annual 50 Most Loathsome People in America. Ma Belle Michelle clocked in at #47 below Barack Obama and M. Night Shymalon but higher (that is, less loathsome than) OJ Simpson, John Updike, Ben Stein, Tila Tequila, John Fund, Blago, Bernie Madoff, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin (#1), and a host of other finger wagging political, sports and media whores, parasites, and hangers-on who preach, pick our pockets, and insult our intelligence daily for our own good. Regular readers may remember that Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann was a featured speaker at the 2008 National Council for Adoption conference in Washington where she gave us memorable accounts of “launching her biologicals” and fostering 23 kids, mostly girls, including one who ran away from her. (left: launchables and hubby.) You may want to go back there and refresh your memory before continuing. While I was looking for links to place here, I ran across this little nugget from a Dump Bachmann blog dated September 3, 2006: Fight Pork which leads us to Bachmann and Associates, a full service “Christian counseling” business operated by Bachmann’s therapist husband Marcus. Therapist Bachmann took his MA from Pat Robertson’s Regent Continue Reading →


Max Blumenthal wrote a great piece in Tuesday’s Daily Beast (now repost all over the net) about Minnesota Cong. Michelle Bachman How a Minnesota congresswoman became a poster child for the GOP crack-up. Who? That’s just what I said when the National Council for Adoption announced that Bachman would be a keynote lunch speaker at its annual conference in Washington last month. (Go here and click on link to “conference” in the right sidebar. This is a pdf link with no dedicated URL). I quickly looked her up. Outside of having impeccable credentials as a fundamentalist GOP nut job, I learned that she’d sponsored the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, to repeal the nationwide phase-out of conventional lightbulbs by 2012. I was impressed. I honestly don’t remember much of what Bachmann said at the NCFA lunch. Her subject was mostly foster care, which she is apparently qualified to speak on since she was a foster parent of 23 (mostly teenage) girls, as well as popping out a few kids of her own. According to her Wiki profile she believes that the troubles that her foster charges had were the fault of the public schools: I began to realize as Continue Reading →