Bastardette Poll: You Decide: Does Michele Bachman Support Adoptee Rights

The blog I’d planned to post today won’t be finished in time to meet the NaBloPoMo deadline, so I’m offering a survey today.

A few days ago I tweeted Michele Bachmann:

@MicheleBachmann . Do adult adoptees deserve the restoration of the right to our original birth certificates or are we 2nd class citizens?

I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked, that  President Mrs.  Bachmann hasn’t replied.  With 6,000,000 potential Bachmann voters waiting breathlessly in the wings, you’d think she would understand the Power of the Bastard to swing an election.. Perhaps she’s busy launching her biologicals.or lecturing fosterparents on the harmful sexual identity effects of The Little Mermaid. Or perhaps she’s just too reticent to offer an opinion  You know how shy  she can be.

So, in lieu of  Ma Belle Michele’s response, I’m now turning to Daily Bastardette readers to speak for her with a poll at the top left corner of this blog

Does Michele Bachman support adoptee rights?

 The poll will remain open for the remainder of National Adoption Month and you can give more than one answer. Vote early and often.

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