Michelle Bachmann is back!

Recently, The Beast named its annual 50 Most Loathsome People in America. Ma Belle Michelle clocked in at #47 below Barack Obama and M. Night Shymalon but higher (that is, less loathsome than) OJ Simpson, John Updike, Ben Stein, Tila Tequila, John Fund, Blago, Bernie Madoff, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin (#1), and a host of other finger wagging political, sports and media whores, parasites, and hangers-on who preach, pick our pockets, and insult our intelligence daily for our own good.

Regular readers may remember that Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann was a featured speaker at the 2008 National Council for Adoption conference in Washington where she gave us memorable accounts of “launching her biologicals” and fostering 23 kids, mostly girls, including one who ran away from her. (left: launchables and hubby.) You may want to go back there and refresh your memory before continuing.

While I was looking for links to place here, I ran across this little nugget from a Dump Bachmann blog dated September 3, 2006: Fight Pork which leads us to Bachmann and Associates, a full service “Christian counseling” business operated by Bachmann’s therapist husband Marcus. Therapist Bachmann took his MA from Pat Robertson’s Regent University and his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Union Graduate School. According to his bio, he specializes in (my emphasis) Marriage and Family, Depression/Anxiety, Anger Management, Family of Origin Issues and Conference/Seminar Speaking.

His Personal Mission Statement reads (his emphasis):

I believe my call is to minister to the needs of people in a practical effective, and sensitive way. Christ is the Almighty Counselor. My wife and I are the parents of 5

The extra large raft of therapists floating around Bachmann & Associates include other specialists in adoption issues, family of origin issues, attachment disorders, ADD, ADHD, and, of course, a full range of American neuroses including sex and porn addiction. Some therapists have taken advanced degrees at the evangelical Regent University, Azusa Pacific University, and California Baptist College (now University).

Would you go to these people with YOUR adoption issues?

All of this information, including personal information on Therapist Bachmann is here.

Here is the complete charge against Rep. Bachmann as published in The Beast:

15. Michelle Bachmann

Charges: Exemplifies the simmering, all-American fascism lurking behind the forced smiles of uptight church ladies throughout “real America.” Echoing Sarah Palin’s alarming hints about “helping” the media do its job, Bachmann’s casual call for a “penetrating” press investigation into “anti-Americanism” in congress was so fucking dumb it made Chris Matthews seem smart. Once it occurred to the Oral Roberts University graduate that calling for witchhunts against Democrats might be a tad extreme for election season, she decided to just pretend she didn’t say it, and then she blamed Chris Matthews. Then she just blamed words. Then she denied it again. Then she won. Way to go, Minnesota’s 6th.

Exhibit A: BACHMANN: Actually, that’s not what I said at all. COLMES: Well, I’m just — I’m reading your exact quote. BACHMANN: Actually that’s not I said. It’s an urban legend that was created. That isn’t what I said at all. COLMES: We have — it’s on tape.

Sentence: Assigned to conduct her own “expose” on anti-American views, in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

In case you’re interested here’s a list of other NCFAnoids who have appeared on The Beast’s list of loathsomeness over the years:

2004: Tony Blankley (#43), former child actor, Heritage Foundation shill, and at the time, editorial director of the Moonie Times…oops, I mean Washington Times. Blankley has MC’d several NCFA ceremonies and fundraisers including this.

2005: Bruce Chapman (#46), founder of the wacky Discovery Institute, known mainly for its promotion of Intelligent Design in the curriculum but purveyors of lots of other nonsense. After retiring from the National Council for Adoption, Bill Pierce served as Senior Fellow at DI and ran its Washington office.

2006: Richard Mellon Scaife (#2), crazy far right bagman and major funder through the Sciafe Family Foundation of Bill Pierce’s last hurrah, NCFA Factbook 3 (now off NCFA’s webpage. The hard copy acknowledges book funding from SFF.) Last I looked, Scaife’s former “companion” and future ex-wife, Margaret “Ritchie”Battle Scaife, was collecting $775,000/mo (that’s $24,000/day) in “preliminary and temporary” support. Mr. Scaife’s extra-curricular activities, before their separation, included shacking up with a 43-year old convicted prostitute at $28/night Doug’s Motel in North Huntingdon, PA.

2007 : Minnesota Senator (what is it about Minnesota?) and NCFA Hall of Famer Larry Craig (#20) (for NCFAnoid picture, scroll down)


  1. Hey! We may have to admit to Bachmann, but Larry Craig represents Idaho. He just stopped by the Twin Cities looking to cuddle with some short-term company. (How cuddly can you get in a restroom stall, anyway?).

    As for Bachmann, she represents one of the most solidly suburban and Republican districts in Minnesota, a district notable for the extent to which the Republican party gerrymandered the borders in order to control the seat.

    Even with that, her Democratic opponent came close to unseating her in the last election.

    There is hope, however. An 80 year old man I’ve known for half that longm, who had never voted for a Democrat in his life, crossed the line to vote against Bachmann last time out.


  2. J.that sounds like where I live in NJ. A solidly Republican town, so much so that no Democrats even bother to run for the Town Council. Also part of a very wealthy old money Republican county; my grandparents were servants for one of the families of our local Millionaire’s Row in the early part of the last century.

    We also have our share of religious nutters. I think anyone who went to one of those bogus “colleges” like Oral Roberts, Liberty, etc. should not be hired for anything outside of their own Fundamentalist churches.

    However it is nice to know just how much on the fringe NCFA and cohorts are. The Discovery Institute is the laughing stock of real scientists (see Pharyngula,

    As the Religious Right loses its grip on our government, NCFA may lose some luster and support. Let’s hope!

  3. Lord, No, Sandy! Try my state of FL. This is the home of the 24-hour rescinding law. The whole state is a full-time adoption agency. They have huge billboards up and down the major Interstates and other highways encouraging pregnant women to seek adoption. You can’t go anywhere without seeing young, healthy matrons with Asian or Hispanic children in tow.

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