Michele Bachman Wants to Adopt You

…well, maybe not you specifically , but she wants you to adopt somebody. .
Here’s her PSA for National Adoption Month (She leaves out the “awareness” part.)  As you’ll see in the video and in her House Resolution, she’s pushing foster adoption..

Oops, link went bad the first try)  It’s OK now.

Not that there is anything inherently wrong with foster to adopt for genuinely familyless kids, but Ma Belle Michelle. a 20x + foster care provider of girls (she originally wanted to take in unmarried pregnant teens)  has a hidden agenda.

See, according to our fav presidential has-been,  it’s not abuse, poverty, crime, neglect, family breaks-ups, foster home-hopping, and prominent dysfunctional foster mothers who cause problems for kids in fostercare.  It’s exposure to the public school system.


After I viewed Bachmann’s video, I tweeted her back:

@MicheleBachmann . Do adult adoptees deserve the restoration of the right to our original birth certificates or are we 2nd class citizens? 

Ya think she’ll reply?


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