As Bastardette wrote earlier, the news out of Newcastle about lab sperm and its potential is repulsive and antithetical to the right of identity. We all know by now, to paraphrase BB Church, once something becomes institutionalized, it become normalized. Today “understanding sperm” will lead to a cure for male infertility for some. Tomorrow, it will be a handy source for making anonymous baybees for the entitled. That aside, we knew it wouldn’t take long for the Save the Males Brigade to gouge out their brains over the thought of independent little swimmers making their way through the female reproductive system without on-site male mechanics to navigate the channel. In his Culture Watch blog entry, Redundant Males, Redundant Humanity, born-in-the- USA Australian “family values” goody-two-shoes Bill Muehlenberg winges that Newcastle lab sperm and women who sell their eggs to science are about to make men “more redundant than they already are.” (my emphasis). Apparently Muehlenberg, an Australian Family Association poobah, views men as sex machines whose only job is to inseminate women–within the bonds of holy matrimony, of course. Once that job is gone, men are as worthless as an old piece of chewing gum stuck to the bedpost over Continue Reading →


I may write more about l’affaire Michael Jackson, but I want to wait to see what Debbie Rowe does before I go at it again. If she’s a decent human being, she’ll step out of the picture, even if it takes a few hefty bankers to push her out of the frame. The play-for-fame womb renter (evidence pending) doesn’t deserve our concern outside of the harm she is capable of causing. The kids, do, though. Kids–none of us– deserves to have our DNA, family relationships and humanity exposed, yanked from our control, and broadcast as an international bread and circus. Losing the dad you love is scary enough without being served up as a genetic dog and pony show for the masses. To that end, I want to point out, Lindsay Greenwalt’s A Letter to Prince Michael, Paris and “Blanket” Jackson on her Confessions of a Cryokid blog, telling them (should they read it some day) and us, that they and we are not alone.By now you have probably heard all the major media outlets advertising that your dad is not your biological father, and that your mom is not your biological mother. I can only imagine how hard this Continue Reading →


As if there aren’t enough sperm swimming around in search of a comfy home, the BBC reports that scientists in Newcastle have come up with a way to create human sperm in a laboratory. The sperm is developed from stem cell lines taken from leftover human embryos donated for IVF treatment. Go here for the story AND a nifty video showing how it’s done. The idealistic researchers promise that the little swimmers will be used only to help scientists “understand sperm” in order to help infertile men. Lab sperm will not be available for injection by the childless and desperate all-about-me’s who don’t give a lab rat’s ass about the consequences of creating genetic orphans. The sperm cannot be used for fertility treatment as this is prohibited under UK law. The scientists in Newcastle say it will be at least five years before the technique is perfected – when they believe it should be available to help infertile men. Just wait for 2014! BONUS VIDEO: “What Happens During Ejaculation” from Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex and Were Afraid to Ask.


A really revolting blog appeared today on DKos: Artificial Insemination is NOT Perverse – Exclamation Point In part: We get a call from Texas. A pregnant teen saw our ad and wants us to adopt her baby. HURRAY! We fly down to Texas. We see the baby. Adorable! Cute! A baby! We hold the baby. The mom signs the papers. But where is the bio-dad? Off in Oklahoma. He says he’ll sign. But then he can’t find a fax machine. Then the mom decides she wants the baby herself. Bye bye baby. I almost committed suicide over that (thanks to my wife for stopping me). I’m not doing that again. We have two kids by artificial insemination. We chose the donor father from a book. They’re our kids. And we’re NOT perverse. Period. I found the entry so annoying that I hot-wired my seldom-used DKos account to post this quick reply. Artificial insemination may not be perverse (0 / 0) but to purposefully choose to bring two children into the world via anonymous sperm donors chosen through a book–is perverse and unethical. Do you plan to tell your children how they were conceived or will it be your “little secret.” Continue Reading →


AdoptionLaLaLand and its absurdities never ceases to amuse or aggravate. Here’s some stories I considered writing about this week, that are so disturbing that I couldn’t come up with any rational comments. (Go the the bottom of this entry for good news) These stories are not directly related to adoption, but touch on our own issues of identity, child and mother welfare, and government craziness.MICHIGAN: SHOTGUN WEDDING SANCTIFY MARRIAGE MI dad told to pay for child’s birth or wed mom The Washington Post (and the wire) reports that Gary Johnson has been ordered to either pay $3800 for the birth of his daughter JaeLyn, or marry the mother Rebecca Witt. No, Mr. Johnson has not deserted Ms Witt, denied parentage, run out on child support payments, or committed some other dastardly deed. He’s just not married to the mother of his daughter. Under the state’s paternity act, amended 5 years ago, birth costs can be waived if the father is married to the mother. At the time of JayLyn’s birth, Miss Witt was on Medicaid and the state paid all costs. Now the state wants its money back. Johnson seems to have no qualms about the pay off, but neither Continue Reading →