I may write more about l’affaire Michael Jackson, but I want to wait to see what Debbie Rowe does before I go at it again. If she’s a decent human being, she’ll step out of the picture, even if it takes a few hefty bankers to push her out of the frame. The play-for-fame womb renter (evidence pending) doesn’t deserve our concern outside of the harm she is capable of causing. The kids, do, though. Kids–none of us– deserves to have our DNA, family relationships and humanity exposed, yanked from our control, and broadcast as an international bread and circus. Losing the dad you love is scary enough without being served up as a genetic dog and pony show for the masses.

To that end, I want to point out, Lindsay Greenwalt’s A Letter to Prince Michael, Paris and “Blanket” Jackson on her Confessions of a Cryokid blog, telling them (should they read it some day) and us, that they and we are not alone.

By now you have probably heard all the major media outlets advertising that your dad is not your biological father, and that your mom is not your biological mother. I can only imagine how hard this must be, just days after your dad tragically died.,,

But don’t feel alone. There are thousands (maybe millions) of kids out there just like you – conceived artificially and denied the right to EVER know who their biological parents are…

Your daddy will always be your daddy, nobody can take that away – and it will take time to mourn his passing. But you also have a biological father out there, and you carry half his genes. His is part of you – he even looks like you! While nothing can mask the loss of your daddy, I hope that your biological father will step up and give you guidance and love, and support through this rough time and as you grow up. You deserve that as children and as human beings….

Cryokids, bastards, anyone who has had their identity engineered by biology, statute, or for-your-own-good should have each other’s back. Our families are expansive and so are our arms.


  1. Wow, Marley, this is so kind and compassionate….you may lose your reputation as a sprog-hater!:-) I watched some of the Jackson funeral, and part at the end with Paris crying for her Daddy really got to me, and I was so relieved to see the affection the aunts and uncles were showing towards the kids. It looked real, and like the kids knew they cared.

    I hope they will be loved and accepted by the Jackson family and I hope Debbie Rowe stays out of it.And yes, it would be nice if they could know their biological heritage as well. No matter what, kids that age should not have to bury their Dad.

  2. I know. It happens once every 7 years. I’ve found the whole thing distressing. Outside of MJ’s weird genetics thing, I always liked him. He was eccentric and complex. Paul Theroux, of all people, had a very interesting piece in the Daily Telegraph a few days ago about his interview with MJ for a piece he wrote on Elizabeth Taylor.


    It was not what I expected at all.

    I just hope the kids are left alone. They should not have to deal with his crap that you know is coming down.

  3. Tons of $$$$$$$ are involved…so all bets are off…that anyone is sincerely going to be concerned about the emotional well-being of these manufactured children and that includes the Jackson Family as well.

    Michael Jackson paid for the manufacturing of these kids…these poor kids will pay the ultimate price and probably have been since the date of manufacture.

    Sorry…I disagree..the little girl to me seemed to be ‘acting’, the same as the Jackson Family. Seems the one that truly cared about her brother, as a human being while he was alive, was Janet..who did not appear at the world-wide circus, called a ‘Memorial’. JMO!

  4. Personally, I hope Debbie Rowe steps up now and becomes the mother she can be without Micheal’s interference. She may have taken money or been
    bought off but she has a scewed version of motherhood herself she being an adoptee bought
    by rich Malibu “parents”

    Its all about the money now and the kids are in the scuffle of who can get the money.

    I agree with Gypsy instead of comforting Paris they adjusted microphone for her. Staged, and sadly that’s the kids reality. Micheal was no more a father than she was a mother, and she wasn’t in their life. he had the kids as a props like the rich do.

    I wonder if they are his kids, but in Cal if you are married and have children they are considered your children. I hope Debbie gets them maybe they can
    have some semblance of a life without a circus like they had with “dad” freaky and strange. I can imagine what they saw daddy sleeping with boys, daddy, sleeping while watched and drugged it was “normal” to them.

  5. Maybe “Dad” should have been thinking about “his” kids but he was an addict, addicted to drugs but rich enough to hide it. His downfall in the end.

    The kids are pawns and their life will be about being used, they too will probably end up like dear old “dad” addicted, and able to pay the price of the drug, until they die from additions.

    messed up but its the reality of drug abuse.

  6. I’m with Maryanne on this one: the aliens finally have replaced Marley.

    As for the kids: I wish them the best of luck in coming to grips with who they are and finding their places in the universe. Their grandparents’ track record with kids is questionable, at best, and Debbie Rowe’s commitment to them a bit too late in coming.

  7. Sheesh. Enough with the dyspepsia already.
    Paris’s grief seemed real enough to me, and I’m dumbfounded that anyone would be callous enough to question the authenticity of her feelings. Of course she feels bereft. She and her sibs have lost her not just their father, but their whole familiar world.

    It’s not written in stone that these children are doomed. The Jackson family has had years enough to look back and reconsider their doings, and hopefully to change some of their attitudes to child raising.
    I’m with Maryanne and company. These children are going to have a lot to deal with, but with love and support – and their own reserves of strength – they may just prove the naysayers wrong.
    I hope so.

  8. No, I can’t imagine that Paris was acting, and it seemed like she really wanted to say something, not like her aunts were pushing her.

    I had a pretty hard attitude about the whole situation too, until I actually saw the kids at the memorial. That brought it home to me that these were real little kids in a real family, no matter how bizarre the circumstances and that they deserved as much as possible to be protected from nastiness.

    Have a heart folks, whether you liked MJ or not. I didn’t but wish them well and hope they get to stay where they want to be with someone who actually cares about them. What I saw from their aunts was caring.

  9. I don’t believe the little girl was acting, not a bit.
    However I can’t say that about those standing around her when she was talking. They were crammed up against her, not just around her. And the way they all kept putting their hands on her was so way over done it appeared to be intentional for dramatization.

    I’m waiting to see if anyone is going to be dumb enough to ask if these children “inherited” Michaels talents.

  10. “I’m waiting to see if anyone is going to be dumb enough to ask if these children “inherited” Michaels talents.”

    I think Joe Jackson is already working on it.
    He deserves to be wretched. As do the other exploitative venal hangeroners.

  11. I also believe that Paris Jackson’s emotions were real.

    You would have to be pretty screwed up not to hear that… unfortunately there is not a shortage of manipulators around.

    This drama is being played out everywhere in the world where there are sperm donors, egg donors, surrogate moms, and any combination thereof…

    This is only going to increase.

    It is not an accident that African-Americans are the public guinea pigs, like they have been so many times in the past.

    Adoption has more than a few traits in common with slavery.

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