Demons of Adoption Awards 2013: Voting now open!

Nominations are closed and the voting begins.

Select the most deserving Demon of Adoption for 2013.

 I know it’s a difficult task  Competition sponsor Pound Pup Legacy, has gathered an array of  stunning nominees this year:  Nightline Adoption (Capobianco agency), Gladney Center, Adam Pertman, (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute),  Both Ends Burning (“christian” child grabbers),  Children and Families First, and a satanic host of other duplicitous bottom feeders. And to think that Beelzebub didn’t even purchase their the dark souls! Our nominees  simply turned them over to him. Here are the nominees with links to their webpages (thanks to Pound Pup)

As always I’m torn.  So many  obscene child harvesters,  but only one winner. I may put off my vote for a few days while I think about it.

Go to Pound Pup Legacy for details and a discussion on nominations and the  online ballot
Happy Voting!

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  1. Oh! So unfair. Too many excellent choices so well deserving of the Big Prize. I’ll need more time to make a decision.

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