Consumer Alert! Demons of Adoption Candidates Ready for YOUR Vote

Choices !Choices! Choices! What’s a Bastardette to do?

Pound Pup’s Fourth Annual Demons of Adoption Award candidates have been announced. Each and every candidate is so demonically delicious that we don’t know who to vote for. (Perhaps Karl Rove would care to advise on how to vote for all of them.)

An old favorite like LDS Social Services, Gladney, JCICS, Congressional Coalition for Adoption, New Jersey ACLU? Or up-and-comers like NPR’s Scott Simon, the Southern Baptist Convention, and my personal favorite, The American Adoption Congress.

The AAC was nominated for failing to remove state reps who were openly working against open access for adult adoptees. I have no idea who nominated the AAC, but…members of Bastard Nation alerted the AAC as early as 1999 to what Melisha Mitchell up to in Illinois, but nobody with any clout seemed to care. Now Illinois has the worst “access” law in the country and the AAC finds itself waiting in the La città infuocata di Dite–Dante’s City of Dis– for the final count.

I’m not sure who I’ll vote for yet. I had planned to nominate Elizabeth Bartholet (see sidebar to the right for three posts here), but suffering through my summer sloth, didn’t get around to it. Next year. In the meantime I’ll catch up and about my own little experience with her earlier this summer at the NCFA conference.

Get your votes in. You can find the ballot and more information on each candidate at the link at the top of the page.

Happy voting.

5 Replies to “Consumer Alert! Demons of Adoption Candidates Ready for YOUR Vote”

  1. I voted for my Demon, had to pick the home team NJ ACLU. We already have an authentic Jersey Devil in South Jersey, besides the hockey team, so I thought it only fitting.If NJ ACLU becomes a Demon, maybe they can be featured in Weird NJ Magazine:-)

  2. Dang. This was a HARD one. Scott Simon – wanted to really bad. Council on Accreditation – another one I wanted to really bad.

    I chose Nathan Gwilliam’s baby (or maybe he sold it – can’t recall). I go way back with cencorship.

    OT: Maryanne: Weird NJ magazine – my husband couldn’t LIVE without that.


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