Demons of Adoption 2010: And the winner is…


The votes are in. Your voice has been heard. Pound Pup Legacy is proud to announce the winner of its coveted Demons of Adoption 2010 Award:

The Joint Council for International Childrens Services. (JCICS)
In each case of widespread corruption in sending countries, JCICS has promoted an agenda to keep the gravy train running. Despite knowledge of child trafficking in countries like Romania, Guatemala, Peru and Vietnam, JCICS maintained the position that closing corrupt programs was not in the best interest of the child. As per item #1 of their own bullet list, this can be translated as: closing corrupt programs was not in the self-interest of the adoption service providers, forming the members of JCICS.
In a neck-and-neck race, the runner up is:
L-d-S Social Services
It is also one of the least transparent agencies operating in the US. It is the only American adoption agency recognized as a church and as a result doesn’t have to file a financial statement with the IRS. The agency is notoriously secretive and little information about its workings reaches the outside world because they only provide services to members of the Mormon church.

Please go to the PPL link above to read the text of the entire commendation.


PPL has also initiatied Rohnor’s Angels Award to honor adoptees murdered by their forever families. The award is named for 2-year old Christian Rohnor, a New Orleans adoptee, locked in an attic, starved to the point of complete emaciation, and eventually beaten to death by his adoptive father:

Colin David Jones: Killed, Christmas Eve 2009, Loganville, Georgia
Lydia Schatz: Tortured to death, February 6, 2010, Paradise, California
Tristan Dosdall: Beaten to death, March 24, 2010, Peyton, Colorado
Collin Parker William Holdgrafer: Drowned, June 12, 2010, Andrew, Iowa
Kairissa XingJing Mark: Beaten to death, July 1, 2010, Mount Juliet, Tennessee

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