Bastardette wants to share the Christmas card she got from the National Council for Adoption the other day.

Who ARE these people?

We used to say don’t trust anybody over the age of 30. Most of NuNCFA is under 30. It almost gives me the creeps. Shouldn’t they be out organizing troops for Sarah Palin or auditioning for Fox News readers?

Chuck and Rodney (both over 30) are the only ones we know amongst the happy Santas.

BTW, NCFA missed a big photo op by not featuring Rodney, the Red Nosed PR Flack. I heard from a errant sugar plum mouse that Rodney likes it when I call him that.

PS: I’d overnight some Krampus gear but New Jersey CARE got all of it.

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  1. It just shows that people will work for any “business” corrupt or not as long as it pays good.

    I bet all those NCFA people shown smiling in the picture have their original birth certificates, too!

    Heck, I’d be smiling if I wasn’t f’d over by their organization, the entire adoption industry and our corrupt government.

    Merry F’ing Christmas you NCFA pukes!!!!!

  2. Well, there’s a bastard attitude for you!

    But is it the chicken or the egg: do people work for NCFA because the agree with its positions or do they adopt the positions due to their employment? The workplace does shape attitudes, as does every other aspect of our lives.

  3. Judging from my personal experience with NCFA, NuNCFAites have no idea of their organization’s history and why they are so hated. They see themselves as adoption advocates.

    Bill left a rotten legacy that is forgotten by NCFA today, but very well remembered by those who were slandered, libeled, bullied, and harassed. I’ve told NCFA stories to various NuNCFAites over the last few years and they’ve been incredulous. I seriously doubt they even know why NCFA was founded.

    I think it’s time I updated my Know Thine Enemy paper and put it online.

  4. Gosh, you are swell, getting a card from Nick Fa.

    Merry Christmas from the anti NCFA set…

    Claudia, by the way, has a great blog about the invidious NCFA over at Musings of the Lame.

    The NCFA bobble heads do not know why they are vilified? If they truly believed that adoption was set up for the adopted,they would be at the front lines of reform and arguing for open records in 42 states. But they do quite the opposite.

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