As I wrote on FaceBook yesterday, Bastardette is going out on a limb and will attempt to post an entry every day until the end of the year. There’s certainly enough to write about. And even with the November NaBloPomo, I still need to catch up.

Today’s is up, though I may post a second one if I start now.

The picture to the left is my Mad Men Yourself self-portrait. I don’t smoke, but if things keep going the way they are in AdoptionLand I may take it up. And Mad Men withdrawal is wiping me out. Still.

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  1. Sort of OT but related to TV shows — according to various websites, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, star of trashy but uber-popular MTV reality show “Jersey Shore”, is not in fact Italian by ancestry (which is the whole point of the show), but is an adoptee from Chile.

    Poor Snookums!

  2. I couldn’t resist and promptly madmenned myself, crediting you as my inspiration.

    So sorry for the way the NJ f–K-up turned out. White-out, special rights, blackmail, and gov’t doing it all for you. Downright scary. Kill it and start over. But when I consider the time spent on that thing, I just shake my head. Appreicated your recent facebook discussion on the subject. Hope it gets going.

  3. Terrible admission…I have never watched Mad Men. I have a problem with those late 50s early 60s fashions as that is what we wore in Jr. High and they were soooooo ugly. Especially the dressy clothes, complete with hat for church. I have some photos from that era that are just horrifying:-)

    That is hysterical one of the women from the Jersey Shore show is adopted and not really Italian. Never saw that one either but lived it, we went to Seaside Heights all the time in high school and college. That is one reason I never went out with Italian guys! But the Italian boardwalk food is the best anywhere.

  4. Follow-up on Jersey Shore star “Snooki”:

    “Q. What do you say to people who think the show is derogatory toward Italians?

    A. People need to relax. It’s just young people having a good time at the Shore. We want to have fun, and yeah we get drunk. It’s just a TV show.

    Q. How often do you tan?

    A. I really don’t tan because I’m half Spanish so I’ve got that year-round tan. I was adopted.

    Q. Have you met your birth parents?

    A. I really don’t want to. I love my parents so much; that doesn’t matter.”


    She says she is “half-Spanish”. Gossip sites say she was adopted from Chile or Guatemala. Her appearance to me looks Guatemalan.

    I feel bad for her.

  5. “Thanks I think.”

    LOL, sorry… I admit I haven’t even watched the show but I read a lot of media gossip and it caught my eye. There has been a lot of criticism of the show because it’s so degrading and uses a lot of Italian-American stereotypes…and now the fact that Snooki is adopted and (presumably) not Italian at all, makes things even weirder.

    Anon Guy

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