Zoom in on Adoptee Concerns: 2 Adoptees United Discussions coming up!

Bastard Nation friends Greg Luce and Adoptees United hold bi-monthly zoom discussions on topics that concern Class Bastard. and the state of adoption worldwide. I’ve missed a couple of them, for which I kick myself.  I am making a real effort not to over-nap (late afternoon wipes me out) or get otherwise distracted,

The next two meetings promise to be insightful and important to us as adopted people and adoptee rights activists.


Monday, November 29, 2021. 6:30 PM Central: Who Do We Mean by Adoptees? 

Join Erica Babino, the Adoptees United Leader of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB), as well as AU board members Anthony Walsh and Chelsey Wright, who will talk about identity, personal experiences, and what it means for them to be genuinely seen and heard. We’ll also be joined by additional guests, including Shelise Gieseke, a transracial Korean adoptee and the assistant director of Adoption Mosaic, and Kris Rao, a late discovery intercountry adoptee and author of the blog Indian Late Discovery Adoptee. Some of the questions participants will address include:

  • What mistaken assumptions about you do you hear from other adoptees?

  • Are affinity groups important to you and were they hard to find?

  • What would you like to change within the adoptee community?

These questions are important. I have my own gripes about the “adoptee community”  and– how shall I put this nicely– adoptee legal, social, and cultural status, and enthusiasm for change do not translate into actual hard work change. The consciousness is there, but how to move from personal grievance to class-identified action has always been a mystery to me.  Not that I expect everyone to give up their lives for “the cause” but we really need to build a bigger ‘turnout.” Everyone has a talent or interest that can be put to use.  Maybe some of this will be discussed or could be a separate topic next year. Don’t get me started on outlier deformers!



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