The November 28 edition of 20/20 will feature “The Toughest Call: What Happens When a Foreign Adoption Ends in Regret” Not much about the final cut is known. You can see the trailer here. (click on title). The focus seems to be on Ranch for Kids,”a Christian home for ‘at risk’ Russian and other adoptees who may be experiencing difficulties in their new families in the U.S”–but there will be some kind of coverage of Nina Hilt, beaten to death by her adoptive mother Peggy Sue Hilt. Nina’s dad, Chris Hilt, informs me that his former wife now doing 25 years in Nina’s death, was interviewed for the show. You can read more about Nina throughout Nikto Ne Zabut. Please visit Nina’s memorial page, Remembering Nina, and light a candle for her. Addenda: This additinal information was posted after I put this up.


Chris Hilt and his daughter Natalyia have posted Remembering Nina, a lovely tribute page to their daughter and sister, Nina. Nina was beaten to death by Chris’s now ex-wife, Peggy Sue, in July 2005. The page holds dozens of pictures of Nina. They show her happy, playful, affectionate, and loved by Chris, Natalyia, extended family, and friends. I especially like the picture in the top left corner of the front page: a very determined little girl looking like she’s ready to take on corporate America or a particularly difficult math problem. I am so happy to see this page. These children are not abstractions They need to be remembered as real people with context, dignity, and lives that were worth living and were lived–not just statistics or ideological props in a grubby adoption war. Please remember Nina and light a candle for her on her page. ****** Also go to Viktor Matthey’s memorial page, Viktor’s Promise,


Last week I found a great Russian blog: Russian Videos from Russia hosted by Svet and Kyle Keeton in Moscow. For an expat in need of a daily dose of real life Russia, this is an ideal site. Documentaries, cartoons, liturgy, Soviet pop, ducks–they’ve got it all. I added Svet and Kyle to my Blog Catalog as a “friend” and linked their blog to this page. Over the weekend, much to my surprise Svet and Kyle posted some Russian news videos about the Kolya Emelyantsev and Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison cases as well as a story on Russian domestic adoption. If you look quick you’ll see a possibly heretofore unpublished picture of Viktoria Bezhenova/Nina Hilt in the video (1/1). The videos are in English or with an English voice over. There is also a link to a new Russian advertising campaign encouraging domestic adoption. There’s no separate URL for the videos, just scroll down to July 27, 2008. большое спасибо