Chris Hilt and his daughter Natalyia have posted Remembering Nina, a lovely tribute page to their daughter and sister, Nina. Nina was beaten to death by Chris’s now ex-wife, Peggy Sue, in July 2005.

The page holds dozens of pictures of Nina. They show her happy, playful, affectionate, and loved by Chris, Natalyia, extended family, and friends. I especially like the picture in the top left corner of the front page: a very determined little girl looking like she’s ready to take on corporate America or a particularly difficult math problem.

I am so happy to see this page. These children are not abstractions They need to be remembered as real people with context, dignity, and lives that were worth living and were lived–not just statistics or ideological props in a grubby adoption war.

Please remember Nina and light a candle for her on her page.


Also go to Viktor Matthey’s memorial page, Viktor’s Promise,


  1. I don’t find Remeembeing Nina a spooky spot at all It’s joyful page where she is remembered as she was. These cases are very complex. While the adoption industry is at the center there are other societal and cultural factors that play into these deaths.

  2. I guess I meant spooky, as in sad. Haunting. To see Nina all happy and the beautiful child she was, just to be brutally murdered by someone who was supposed to care for her, just breaks my heart. I didn’t mean in any way to cut down this website, *(and I am horrified if my last comment came off that way). I am very glad it is up, because she should never be forgotten by the public, and should always get credit for being the sweet little cherub she was.

  3. I noticed a few pictures where Nina had a black eye as well as one with a broken arm. Was this the work of her evil adoptive mother, who blamed Nina for her own beating? I think there were some clear signs of abuse in a few of the posted photos. May her “mom” rot in jail, and she R.I.P.

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