From today’s Tooele Transcript, here’s an update on the recent conviction of Kimberly Emelyantsev for the murder of her adopted son Kolya Emelyantsev. I am adding new details of the case and some comments. Go to my other entries for a complete view. Sentencing clarification: K. Emelyantsev has been sentenced to 1-15 years less 214 days served while awaiting trial. The previous account reported “up to 15 years.” There is no estimate of how much time she is expected to serve. A couple months ago I felt Emelyantsev would pretty much walk away from this with probation, but I’m no longer convinced that she’ll be out soon. I’d look for 3-5 years. I think she wants punishment and wants to be in jail. Account of murder: K. Emelyantsev originally told police Kolya had fallen off a chair in the living room after she’d left to change the diaper of another child. During her plea hearing she told the court she dropped Kolya twice, once on a bag of diapers and once on a hard-surface floor. During her pre-sentence mental health evaluation she admitted she kicked Koyla twice, “sliding him across the floor.” Later in the day, “when frustration with the Continue Reading →


Yesterday, Kimberly Emelyantsev, 34, was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for the March 2008 beating death of her adopted son Kolya. In August she was convicted of second degree child abuse homicide. At the request of the prosecutor, Emelyantsev was ordered to undergo a pre-sentencing psychiatric evaluation. Kolya was a “special needs” adoptee, with Down Syndrome and had lived with Emelyantsev and her husband Fyodor, a Russian national, for less than a month. The couple was also rearing K. Emelyantsev’s 10-year old DS daughter and two biological daughters without disabilities. Two months before Kolya’s placement they adopted a DS Russian baby, Luka. That such a situation might prove “stressful” to the Emelyantsevs, especially stay-at-home Kimberly, was apparently overlooked or dismissed by their adoption agency About A Child, Reece’s Rainbow who listed him, and the home study hack, probably out of LDS Social Services, who passed the couple for adoption. (The Es are LDS). After all, Fyodor had a MA in genetics, was trained in handling disabled children, and worked as an RN. The couple took out a second mortgage to pay for Kolya. Who could say no to that package? In August, the prosector promised that more Continue Reading →


Last week I found a great Russian blog: Russian Videos from Russia hosted by Svet and Kyle Keeton in Moscow. For an expat in need of a daily dose of real life Russia, this is an ideal site. Documentaries, cartoons, liturgy, Soviet pop, ducks–they’ve got it all. I added Svet and Kyle to my Blog Catalog as a “friend” and linked their blog to this page. Over the weekend, much to my surprise Svet and Kyle posted some Russian news videos about the Kolya Emelyantsev and Dmitry Yakolev/Chase Harrison cases as well as a story on Russian domestic adoption. If you look quick you’ll see a possibly heretofore unpublished picture of Viktoria Bezhenova/Nina Hilt in the video (1/1). The videos are in English or with an English voice over. There is also a link to a new Russian advertising campaign encouraging domestic adoption. There’s no separate URL for the videos, just scroll down to July 27, 2008. большое спасибо