Florida: Questions about "Safe Haven" and Adoption Agency Privilege

Back on November 4, Al Neuharth, old newspaper man and founder (of among other things USA Today) wrote a rather unnotable piece in Florida Today, “Chosen Children” in which he extols National Adoption Awareness Month. Neuharth is a longtime advocate of adoption, so the essay isn’t surprising. . Left hand couple:  Fornes & Neuharth Neuharth, 87, and his wife, Dr. Rachel Fornes have transracially adopted six children between the ages of 11 and 20. Fornes, in fact,  founded the not-for profit adoption agency Home at Last located in Cocoa Beach, FL. and is a former board member of the National Council for Adoption. About half-way through the otherwise routine adoptaarticle, these curious paragraphs pop up:  [Rachel] has special contacts with schools, churches, hospitals and police who put her in touch with pregnant women who cannot or don’t want to take care of their offspring..I In Florida, women with newborn babies can leave them at any of those locations for caretaking, no questions asked. Then, instead of desertion, they are in good hands while the adoption process proceeds. Remember that in Florida, babies dumped off at “safe have” stations do not, as in most other states, go through the state system.  Continue Reading →

Another "Legalized" Illegal Baby Dump in Florida

Short comment today. Tuesday’s Miami Herald published the area’s latest baby dump story, Newborn girl left at Coral Springs. (my emphasis) Several firefighters were in the Coral Springs fire station Monday night when a baby’s cry summoned them outside where they found a newborn girl. “She was wrapped in some T-shirts,” said Mike Moser, spokesman for Coral Springs Fire Department. “The child still had the umbilical cord and some of the placenta attached.” Firefighters took the baby to Northwest Medical Center where doctors examined her. She was in good condition. Then, she was taken to Safe Haven for Newborns, a state organization that works closely with private adoption agencies, Moser said…. where she was, (I say) neutralized, homogenized, and statisticalized into the “safe haven” system, never more to be seen or heard. Sorry folks, this is not a ‘safe haven” case. A legal dump requires that an infant to be handed over in person, not left in a basket, or box, or dropped in the grass like an old sock. The baby was left unattended outside a fire station. But why quibble with legalities? Apparently, the State of Florida treats illegal abandonment as a legal “safe surrender” abandonment, to cook Continue Reading →

Baby Dump Pimps Remain Bold; Brag About Hospital Dumps

NOTE: I originally intended to write only a short piece on the West Covina story below. But once I started I decided it was important for new readers, and those readers who might have forgotten, to go back and put the case in context from material I’ve written previously that I recently updated, but haven’t published. This piece does not cover how baby dump laws are used as a weapon against Class Bastard and the restoration of our right to our original birth certificates, which has been discussed in depth on this blog elsewhere. Baby dump pimps have no shame as they continue to widen their net, reframe language, and cook the books. Take this story from the May 23, 2011 Whittier Daily News (and other southern California papers) (my emphasis) WEST COVINA – A woman surrendered a newborn infant at a West Covina hospital – the first “safe surrender” in the county this year, a county supervisor said Monday. The woman gave birth to the baby girl at the hospital and asked to surrender the newborn on May 20, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office announced in a statement… …”This case could have ended in tragedy, but because Continue Reading →